Yoga retreat in Thailand

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Yoga retreat in Thailand


Faasai Resort and Spa is committed to protecting the environment and supporting the local community. The environmentally friendly eco resort has been designed to harmonize with the local landscape and conserve resources, with grey water tanks and all buildings sited to maximize the benefits of local ventilation. All rooms are insulated, water is heated with solar power and we use energy efficient lights. Existing trees on the site were left standing including a magnificent Bodhi (pipal) tree. We provide shelter and protection for local birds and wildlife, support the local temples, and encourage our visitors to participate in local festivities. We give employment to local people, arrange tours using local people as guides and work with the authorities to protect the environment. It is a unique nature resort. We have a carbon sink of more than 1000 aloeswood trees (also known as agarwood or aquilaria) and we are protecting a local wetlands White Water Lake for wildlife habitat where our guests can enjoy bird watching, nature walks and permaculture. We have spotted up to 100 different varieties of birds in our area.

We are growing an integrated organic edible forest garden both at the resort and at the lake which we believe epitomizes responsible tourism. It is our response to the multiple crises that are afflicting the world shortages of food, fuel and water, climate change and financial instability (through following sufficiency economy practices). It integrates food production and water resources into the resort, provides healthy, fresh, local food for our guests, family and staff, builds on the cultural traditions of Asia, increases biodiversity, presents a role model for our neighbours (that organic techniques are a practical alternative to pesticides and herbicides), provides inspiration, recreation and education to our guests and is sustainable for the future, as the ecological balance we are creating will minimize and offset carbon emissions, cool the local atmosphere, attract and retain water for the local aquifers, and build healthy soils for future food production. By maximizing our own production we can minimize the need for external supplies.


We partner with eco-conscious organisations who share our belief that by giving back to the local culture and to the environment, we can experience a deeper internal transformation. We believe that happiness does not manifest from what we get, but rather from what we give. We believe in sustainable choices that provide a bounty of food, energy and love for everyone involved guests, hosts, local suppliers, staff.

We visit local temples with local guides to educate our guests about local culture, Buddhism and the lifestyle for the local people.

We visit local markets and encourage guests to buy from local suppliers and marketplaces rather than from chains such as 7-11.

We encourage guests to get involved in local festivals and activities as a cultural immersion during the retreat.

We run Thai Culture, cooking and language courses on retreat to help guests understand the local culture and language better.

We organise a picnic/bonfire/live music night on the final night of retreats with staff of the resorts.

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