Thailand yoga and meditation retreat

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Thailand yoga and meditation retreat


We use any food waste to feed the chickens and at Eco-Logic, this is used to produce bio-gas.

Eco-Logic sells their recyclable waste to a local recycling business.

Eco-Logic runs a wastewater treatment system where bacteria reduces the waste and water overflows to the second and third tank. This water is used for watering and maintenance of organic gardens onsite.

Our guests plant trees with the children of the Thai Child Development Foundation encouraging reforestation and education of youths about the importance of environment.

Eco-Logic has its own water source and therefore does not need to use plastic water bottles. Fresh filtered water and herbal tea is always available.

We encourage our guests in pre-arrival information to bring a reusable water bottle so there is no wastage, championing a plastic-free policy.

We provide bamboo straws to our guests in their welcome bags so there is no usage of plastic straws.

We source food and drink from local markets and suppliers so as to minimise import/export emissions and support local farmers.

We use fans to minimise air-conditioning energy, and where there is Air Con available, we ask guests to be mindful of usage.

We use LCD Lamps and energy efficient lighting wherever possible.

We use solar energy to heat the shower water.

We encourage shared transport for guests, and we use bicycles where possible on retreats.


We visit local temples with local guides to educate our guests about local culture, Buddhism and the lifestyle for the local people.

We run Thai Culture, cooking and language courses on retreat to help guests understand the local culture and language better. By learning a little of the language, guests are able to have a more transformational experience and are able to communicate with the staff of Eco-Logic, which creates good relationships. By learning language, guests are able to understand more of the culture of Thailand.

The Thai Child Development Foundation is supported by Eco-Logic Resort for Charity by joining a Karma retreat here, our guests are simultaneously donating to the TCDF school. We practice yoga and meditation with the children of the school and we plant trees with them.

We encourage our guests to buy from local markets and support the farmers, gardeners and local suppliers rather than buying from plastic-laden 7-11.

Eco-Logic sells its recyclable items to local recycling centres, and outsources labour from the village for clothes washing and cleaning within the resort.

We make sure to explain to our guests the important cultural differences in Thailand, how to dress in the temples and at the natural hot springs, so that there is cultural sensitivity and mutual appreciation of eachother's cultures. We are guests in their country and their home.

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