Greek Island small group holiday

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24 May 2018
US $ 3400
excluding flights
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Greek Island small group holiday


While we won't come into contact with much wildlife on this tour, our dedicated local guides will be there to instruct us on proper interaction in the case that we do!

We encourage all of our guests to dispose of waste in the proper receptacles and to adhere to local customs when it comes to disposal and recycling.

We recommend that our travelers bring their own water bottles to refill from filtered water machines and/or larger jugs of water in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste created. We also suggest that travelers carry small day bags and place their souvenirs inside of the bag rather than taking a plastic bag for every purchase. Finally, we strongly advise our guests to be mindful of the lights and air conditioning in their rooms when they are not present in the hotel room or not using them in order to save energy.

All of the hotels on this trip were selected because they are within walking distance of plentiful sites and activities. This reduces the amount of transportation needed as most places of interest can be accessed by foot.


We've carefully selected our local guides because they're experts in their fields, but also because they're locals who are passionate about introducing tourists to their local haunts and are dedicated to supporting local businesses, many of which are owned and run by their friends/family or acquaintances in their communities.

All of our guides are fairly compensated in wages and tips above the cost of living of the area. We give very clear guidelines of our expectations from our guides so that you can have the best possible experience on the trip!

Our Greek guides will also be able to point you in the right direction of fair trade, artisan crafts and local products in order to promote local businesses and artists. An example of this is a local cooking class in Naxos that travelers can participate in. During the class, it is possible to learn about the local Naxian ingredients and cooking styles from a native of the island.

Finally, we, along with our guides, strive to prepare our travelers the best we can so that they can have a great trip and have meaningful interactions with locals for an educational, cultural exchange.

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