Okonjima luxury safari in Namibia

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

From the revenue generated on this exclusive 'behind-the-scenes' wildlife safari we donate a large portion of it to the Africat foundation which was formed to help assist the populations of large predators found in the central part of Namibia. Since then it has grown to advance this cause and now because of the revenue already created Okonjima has been able to expand the property to 22 000 hectares.

What we aim to achieve with our relationship with Okonjima and Africat is bringing upmarket guests to visit the property and conservation initiatives and with the sponsorship that we give to them, we would look to be taking the collars off the leopards in future and track the leopards with infrared drone cameras instead and in so doing change the outlook of this intiative completely! As the research projects continue to gain more insight into Leopard, Brown Hyena and Pangolin populations, there is always invaluable data captured and analyzed for the better conservation of the species.

AfriCat is dedicated to the protection and long-term conservation of all large carnivores in Namibia and has since become renowned for much-needed; “Environmental Education, Carnivore Research, Rescue, Release & Rehabilitation programmes, and Carnivore Welfare, Human Wild-life Conflict Mitigation and Community Support projects – throughout the whole of Namibia”.
We partner with Africat and this relationship allows for interested visitors to experience, first hand, the works of The Project, gaining valuable insight into carnivore conservation.

NO DIRECT CONTACT WITH WILDLIFE! An increasing number of lodges and volunteer programs keep cheetahs, leopards and other wild animals in captivity, under the pretense of conservation, for the entertainment of their guests. Walking with cheetahs and lions, touching and cuddling cubs, or any direct human-animal contact is unnatural and often results in poor living conditions when compared to the wild, as well as unnecessary stress being placed on the animals, or possible links to the canned hunting trade. Revenue earned through showcasing and interacting with these captive cheetahs rarely goes back into conservation and the growing practice of catching wild cheetahs is threatening the numbers of wild populations. Okonjima supports the conservation of wild animals in their NATURAL HABITAT and has rehabilitated 86% of the animals that have come through The AfriCat Foundation. Those that sadly cannot be rehabilitated for various reasons are looked after in a humane manner that does not involve any direct interactions with humans. They become The AfriCat Foundation’s educational species ambassadors.

The is a Park & Environmental education fee included in the price, paid for each guest visiting Okonjima & Africat.

Okonjima Reserve contributes unique, research data for species
preservation and are developing a resident researcher program with eminent
tertiary institutions. The Environmental Education Fund supports long-term
conservation through education efforts in three ways:
i) The Perivoli Okonjima Country School is a Kindergarten to grade 4 primary school,
ii) The Environmental Education Center is a forum for Namibian secondary school pupils to
participate in an intensive environmental awareness program, and
iii) The Adult Education Program encompasses work with commercial and communal farmers, as well as with tertiary students.

As part of our promise to sustain our environment - we issue each traveller with a 1 Litre water bottle which can then be refilled at the lodge throughout the stay and are of such quality that they can be used even after leaving Namibia, saving on the use of plastic bottles issued with drinking water.

The Impacts of this Trip

Okonjima & Africat is Owned and operated by local Namibians with Veterinarians only being from Namibia or South Africa. The local vets get to learn vital skills from the vets which come to assist in the work with the predators.

Only local Namibians are employed on Okonjima sending much needed revenue into the local communities as well as upskilling them to become chefs, guides, front of house, lodge managers etc. Added to the fact that the local communities also begin to see the value in wildlife as they gain direct revenue from having these populations of wild animals in the area and so through ecotourism they are seeing the benefits of these wild populations themselves. This leads to a direct link between sustaining the environment and the local communities...where especially large predators, normally in direct conflict with humans actually become an asset to their lives through tourism and photographic experiences...

There is also a school which has been built by Okonjima on the property. Perivoli Okonjima Country School aims to support and challenge the youth to reach for higher education and a stimulating career. This private, rural school based on Okonjima farm, aims to provide a sound, start-up education for pre-school (ages 2-5 yrs) as well as lower primary children (grades 1 – 4). Due to financial and social constraints, a large number of young Namibians are denied the opportunity of a high standard of education. The rural communities of Namibia are in dire need of effective pre-school and lower primary education, thereby offering a sound basis for their entire school career.

A portion of each guests fee goes towards the school fund, so each and every person that comes through the doors contributes to the education of the staff and neighboring farms' children.

Respectful tourism - We promote responsibility towards the local communities as we believe that a happy and healthy community will impact positively on the environment as well as the tourists that visit the area. By bringing tourism to the area, we can get to conserve the environment - specifically the predators that occur naturally and with that bring the revenue created towards the community...when they benefit - then the predators are looked after as an asset rather than vermin.

We use local transfer companies to have our guests transferred from the airport, 2h30 to Okonjima Reserve shortly before Otjiwarango.


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