Svalbard and Northern Lights holiday

“Explore Svalbard and see the Northern Lights, by day and night, on this three night winter break, staying in a hotel and traditional wooden tepee.”


Two nights in Longyearbyen | Trappers’ station | Night in a traditional wooden tepee | Dog sledding or snowshoeing | Bolter Valley | Northern Lights spotting by day and night | Glacier hiking | Mining history | Expert guides

Description of Svalbard and Northern Lights holiday

Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago is one of the only places on the planet that you can see the aurora borealis during the day time, and this four day Svalbard and Northern Lights holiday makes the most of this spectacle.

From mid November to mid February you can see the aurora throughout the day and even as early on as September it’s possible to see its light show during the evenings.

This small group holiday provides is the perfect chance to see the Northern Lights, but you will also enjoy exploring the Arctic from our base in a small city near the North Pole. We will head out into the wilderness wearing headlamps and snowshoes, have a go at dog sledding and find out about the history of Svalbard and the life of local trappers here.

For two nights your base will be a beautiful and unique hotel in Longyearbyen, designed with reclaimed materials and artefacts from Svalbard. For a true taste of the Arctic, you will also have a night in a traditional wooden ‘gamme’ – a wooden teepee style of hut – with your guide and around 90 Alaskan Huskies on watch for polar bears.

The activities in this holiday are subject to weather, so if there is too little snow, for instance, the snowshoeing will be replaced with a regular hike.

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Your Hotel in Longyearbyen is inspired by trapper’s history in Svalbard, where materials are re-use. In the hallways and rooms you’ll find driftwood, sealskin a slates. Alot of the wood is either driftwood collected in Spitsbergen, or wood collected from the Russian settlement Barentsburg. The reception area is made from a closed mill and an old herring dock from Northern Norway.
In Trapper’s station you will find the same inspiration, with even a larger focus on storytelling. The station consists of a trappes hut, a secondary station and a gamme, all traditional Norwegian buildings associated with trapping. In adittion you will find a seal-rack which the trappers used to avoid the polarbear to take their seals, polarbear trap and a trap for polar foxes. None of the traps are used today, but it is important to give our visitors an authentic experience and a tour through Svalbard history.

Environmental policy: As a guest on this trip you contribute to treeplanting in Kenya, Africa. By planting trees, you will reduce the carbon foot print of your air travel as well as your motorized transport on the archipelago. Since the project was established in 2000 we have planted 75.000 trees, with the aim to revive the Talek river ecosystem in Kenya.
In addition, our ecological destinations use as little resources as possible and use ecological products, to make your carbon footprint even smaller. The company is Eco Lighthouse certified, which means a great focus on ecological alternatives, along with an awareness of resources spent. Spitsbergen is also certified as a sustainable destination.

The Impacts of this Trip

Friends and neighbours:
We work closely with local restaurants and attractions to ensure our visitor make the most out of the stay at Spitsbergen. We introduce local food like reindeer or seal, drawing the line back to trapper’s history. Since we don’t have our own restaurant we depend on good collaborations for dinner servings or the lunch you enjoy while participating on a trip. We also collaborate with other tour organizers. We prioritize those who follow our philosophy; organizing trips with small groups, a storytelling perspective and a focus on quality.
If we need other accommodation options, we prefer those hotels with a high level of personal service, like our hotle in Longyearbyen.

Charity and volunteering:
Longyearbyen is a community with a high social responibility. Annualy there is a national charity project, in which Longyearbyen contribute the largest amount per inhabitant each year. As a company we contribute to this project as well, with trips, volunteering or money.
As previous mentioned, we also contribute to treeplanting in Kenya through the Co2 investment our guests pay.


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