Bulgaria snowshoeing holiday

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Bulgaria snowshoeing holiday


We encourage travelers to save paper – try to gather as much information possible online and print trip information sparingly. We do not require them to show a printed voucher of any kind.

Snowshoeing is one of the most ancient forms of transportation with no environmental impact. With fresh snowfall, no trace will be left of your passage. Your guide will provide you with general guidelines, involving staying on trails, gathering your waste in your backpack and avalanche safety. Our guides and groups will never leave litter behind and are cautious about the impact their presence has on the ecosystems of the Rila and Pirin mountains.

In terms of transportation, thinking about the reducing the carbon emissions during your travel, starts at home. You may also consider a donation for offsetting your flight carbon emissions. While in Bulgaria, we always use vehicles with low carbon emissions, your vehicle will be no exception. You will use motorized vehicles only to reach the stating point of the snowshoeing route for the day and the accommodation at the end of the day during your snowshoeing holiday.

All our guides demonstrate environmentally protecting behavior and are inducing such behavior as a standard for the whole group. When shopping or ordering day packs for the groups, we make sure we minimize the packaging and focus on recyclable materials. We encourage energy and water saving while in the accommodation. Always turn off your lights and heating when you leave the room. Minimize the time and water you spend in the shower.

The family-run pensions we work with in Govedartsi are environmentally cautious, partially using solar energy. Towels are not changed every day, but once every three days. All food you consume in the pension is made with local products. Breakfast food, such as jams, honey, cheese, are not served in plastic packages.


We believe that we will achieve our aims far more effectively if we involve local people and organizations wherever possible.

This is why your accommodations in Bansko and Govedartsi are locally owned. Whenever we need to use a transport service to reach the starting point of our route, we employ a member of the local community.

We strive to recruit local people in both office and field positions wherever possible. These members of staff are trained by us and receive the same remuneration as “foreigners” doing the same job.

Although generally more basic, homestays provide an invaluable insight into the local lifestyle.The staff and family members in Govedartsi are all locals, very friendly and willing to share their hospitality and culture with their guests.

We endeavor to work with enterprises that treat both the traveler and the local community in a fair and just manner. By recruiting locals, we always try not only to capitalize the natural and cultural assets of an area but also to build their pride of what they can offer as a unique product.

We always aim to employ local guides, originating from the Pirin or Rila mountainous regions. They best act as an example of how to behave and what is appropriate. They will inform you about what the locals are sensitive to and how to respect their wealth of traditions.

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