Georgia hiking holiday

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Georgia hiking holiday


During the tour Hiking in Western Georgia, the tourists will have an opportunity to both visit historical sites and hike in the lap of nature. We encourage our tourists to protect the nature during the tour and ask them to avoid littering, damaging or tearing flowers, to respect wild habitans etc.

The maximum number of participants in our groups is 8-10 persons, as the routes are not designed for larger groups. This helps travelers to fill the whole authenticity of the area. Small groups don't cause negative impact either on the communities, not on the environment.

We reduce waste and pollution by asking our tourists to minimize the use of plastic bags, plates, bottles etc.

There is a public recycling center in Georgia, which helps the country to implement modern principles of waste management that include saving resources and getting the economic effect by separating and subsequent recycling of waste. Separation corners offer an opportunity for people to take their sorted waste: glass, aluminum, plastic, paper and dispose it into the proper bin. So, we always encourage our tourists to throw their waste in the right place thereby help the country.

In Georgia, we often use electric cars which have several benefits over conventional automobiles, including a significant reduction of local air pollution.


Friends and neighbors
We always encourage our tourists to visit local markets, buy souvenirs, local products from local stores and visit local restaurants. That helps to invest money into the local economy and gives the client a taste of the local cuisine.

During the journey through the countrysides of Armenia and Georgia, our tourists often make spontaneous stops at the roadside when they see something of interest to photograph or see a roadside stall offering something unusual to eat. Buying local foods also puts money into the local economy.

Local crafts and culture
During the first days, our tourists will have excursions to the most important cultural and historical attractions of Western Georgia. They will also visit Svaneti Ethnographic museums and get acquainted with the culture and the way of life of the local population.

We are interested in supporting local culture and local craft makers. That's why on the sixth day we give our tourist some free time to get acquainted with locally made souvenirs and to buy some exemplars for memory.

Travelling with respect
We always inform our tourists about local customs and traditions, communication issues and rules of conduct in the churches. Thus, we minimize the risk of misunderstanding with locals and disrespectful behavior in religious places.

We’re trying through our activities to encourage travelers to approach places they visit with greater understanding and respect.

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