St James Way walking holiday in Spain

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: St James Way walking holiday in Spain


As this is a continuous path we use much less petrol in getting people around from a to b. We still use vehicles of course as the charm of how we show you the St James Way is by cutting out the long parts of tarmac and pylons that can appear and dull the beauty of what is really around you.

Water bottles can be filled from the springs that pump out the most beautiful crystal clear mineral enhanced water I have ever seen. We always encourage our walkers to keep one water bottle for the whole week and we refill as we go along.

Also of course we are very conscious of waste paper and as this is a very public and famous way we continually carry a bin liner to pick up waste paper left by pilgrims as we go along.

We always tries to find paths less used by the general walker but with the St James Way this is is unavoidable so we can come across slightly more paper usually in the form of wrappers. This is then deposited in the green recycling bins that we find in the little villages along the way.

There are many churches along the way that need restoration so we donate funds to help with this.


Being a councillor gives me the chance to help my local community. My community is a small commune of eighty eight people in the heart of the Quercy countryside. Matters that count here are mostly agricultural so this will include large solar panel projects of hangars to house animals but also to produce electricity. I am occupied personally with the clearing of the waterways. We have beautiful fresh water crayfish in our streams and this is an issue to make sure the farmers keep to the rules of crop spraying at least five metres from the banks of streams etc. and to keep the streams clear of too much trailing weed. Also the ancient springs have to be cleared. These can be beautiful. All are carefully built with local stone and can be adapted to form lavoirs where in the old days the local ladies would be down with washing to gossip about this and that. We see these as we walk. This is the beauty of walking!

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