Photograph humpback whales in Tahiti

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Our clients are informed on the need to adhere strictly to our waste disposal policies during their time in French Polynesia. This is to insure that they do nothing to disturb or change the balance in the eco-system.

We have our own environmentally friendly water bottles with we refill each day with UV sterilised rainwater for drinking each day for our guests .

Local communities and schools are constantly reminded and educated on the need to protect and preserve their culture and the environment as to continually attract tourism.

We adhere to strict guidelines when observing the whales and we collect humpback whale I.D. photos on our vessel each season to support the ongoing research and conservation of the South Pacific Humpback whales.

We do not print information brochures, all our information is on our website where information can be downloaded if and when required. All paper in our offices is recycled and we refrain from accepting plastic bags or wrapping whenever possible.

Our mission is to always rent and electric vehicle for the 82 days of the season and share that vehicle among the team.

The Impacts of this Trip

To honour and contribute to supporting the local communities socially, economically, environmentally, we believe in the training and retraining of staff and volunteers alike to ensure that they are acquainted with contemporary issues involved in providing safe, informative, educative, life changing and sustainable tourism.

We only work with local suppliers who strictly adhere to the 'Whale-watching Guidelines of French Polynesia' - that cause little or no negative impact on the humpback whales in the area.

We encourage our guests to interact with our boat crew, the local families during the traditional Tahitian feast and cultural centre, staff at resorts and on any village visits or events where this is possible.

We raise money and donate to the local dog rescue organisation.

We only recommend locally owned craft stores, restaurants, dive, day tours & activities companies and encourage our guests to visit local schools with books, stationery and gifts we suggest they bring.

Our Mission:

To increase awareness of the importance of conservation of our marine mammals through groups of people directly experiencing the underwater world of the whales and dolphins for themselves and by supporting research projects around the world.

Our eco-tours take place only in certain areas of our oceans (away from commercial tourism), where these encounters are guided by local trained and experienced naturalists insuring that we have the least impact these intelligent mammals as possible and that the whales are honoured and respected at all times and not harassed or invaded in any way.

To extend an invitation to others who are touched by whales and dolphins to join us on our guided encounters, and have the opportunity to personally experience these extraordinary mammals in the wild and realise the vital importance of their survival and the tragic effect their extinction would have on our planet.

To contribute to our oceans becoming a safe place for all marine mammals to continue to live and breed.


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