Northern Lights short break in Lapland

A classic Finnish Lapland tour with superb accommodations and a range of fun experiences, as well as the chance to witness the Northern Lights.
Sami Museum Siida Stay in an aurora cabin Northern Lights Boutique wilderness hotel Ice fishing Snowshoeing or cross country skiing Husky safari
1546 excluding flights
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5 Days
Finland, Lapland
Small group
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in double rooms 1546€/person, single rooms 2003€
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Description of Northern Lights short break in Lapland

This short break in Lapland takes you through a selection of the quintessential Arctic experiences. From learning how to fish through a hole in the ice on a frozen lake, to (hopefully) watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky from a remote aurora cabin, to a thrilling safari on a sledge drawn by huskies, it will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Beginning with a visit to the famous Siida Museum and an essential introduction to Sami culture, you’ll then spend the following four days understanding how life works in this harsh winter environment, and the great joys that can be found in it.

With a local Sami fisherman, learn how to cut a hole in an icy lake, then sit patiently waiting for a bite, before you continue on to an aurora cabin. Here more patience is required, but if the Northern Lights do make an appearance, you’ll be rewarded with the planet’s most entrancing natural light show.

On day three you’ll have the option to explore the area either by snowshoes or cross country skiing, before an evening around the campfire, sleeping in a boutique wilderness cabin. And then finally on day four, a definite highlight as you take a four-hour safari on a husky-drawn sledge, finishing in a riverside hotel with a sauna – a chance to warm up a little before returning home.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a winter tour in Finnish Lapland, this holiday is bound to capture your imagination.

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1546 excluding flights
Convert currency:
in double rooms 1546€/person, single rooms 2003€
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2022: 28 Nov, 29 Nov, 30 Nov, 1 Dec, 2 Dec, 3 Dec, 4 Dec, 5 Dec, 6 Dec, 7 Dec, 8 Dec, 9 Dec, 10 Dec, 11 Dec, 12 Dec, 13 Dec, 14 Dec, 15 Dec, 16 Dec

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What comes to food, we'll try to eat as much local wild food such as fish, mushrooms, herbs, game, reindeer meat and berries as much as possible during out tour. We'll drink tab water, which tastes very good in Finland. We'll drive together as a group in a minivan. A small group is collected to share transportation costs but also to minimize the environmental impact of driving by car. Our route has been planned minimizing the need for transportation. We'll have a long snowshoeing tour, which is the most ecological way to move around and when snowmobiling, we drive two sharing a snowmobile. We'll stay in wilderness hotels outside the village lights in order to observe northern lights, the most magical natural phenomenon caused by solar storms in our earth's magnetic field. We'll talk about climate change and its consequences to the life in the Arctic and the most important, get into the beautiful nature covered by white snow and learn to enjoy the silence.


This tour is hosted by your local Finnish tour operator, who knows all the service providers and has selected the best activities provided by family-run companies from the Ivalo-Inari region. We'll taste local delicacies such as mushroom soup, fish and berries for example. We'll learn about the Sámi culture by visiting the Sámi parliament and Sámi museum Siida. At Design House Idoli we'll have a chance to meet the host Pekka and her wife, in terior designer Hanneli and to get an introduction to the most modern Finnish design by them. We'll be guided by professional wilderness guides and we'll meet a local professional fisherman taking us on lake Inari to tell us about winter fishing techniques and let us try ice-fishing. If we catch fish, we always release the small ones and mother fish. Throughout the tour you can ask anything you like about the Finnish society and habits. We'll talk to the service owners and get them to talk about their everyday life in the Arctic.

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