Short break hiking holiday in Fjord Norway

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

1. Our office and guests emphasize all guests to bring with them garbage that are found en route while hiking.

2. Everything we bring with us on trips are reusable with a high endurance. We do not bring single use equipment on our trips. For example, when eating outside we bring with us forks, knifes and plates that are reusable items with a high endurance.

3. Luckily for us the running wild water in Norway are very often clean enough
to drink it right from the source. This is a matter that we have great respect for, and our experience from travelling all over the world have let us know that we are really lucky to have this. Water is an important energy source for us in Norway, and we get the cleanest energy we have from our waterfalls. Any form of waste are strictly forbidden on our trips.

4. Our energy sources mainly come from the mentioned waterfalls. The dropping waterfalls along our fjords have Norway's main contributor to self sufficiency for more than 100 years.

5. We do not own any buildings at the time being. In our products we ensure to use local accommodation who maintain the authenticity of the place and culture they are within.

6. Whenever possible we use low carbon transportation on our trips. All of the flights taken by our staff and guides are compensated by a tree plating project in Kenya. For example, we use public trains that are electrically driven and bikes instead of cars on our trips.

7. We are activists - when President Trump left the Paris Climate Agreement we donated 200 USD for each American who signed up for the 2017-tours in Norway.

8. We recycle paper, and have no printed brochures (except a small number on one location in Oslo - marketing our day tours)

9. Same as number 5, our suppliers are deliberately chosen from a set of criteria we find important to ensure every point mentioned. On a bigger scale, we have taken a leading role in Norway on ensuring that the wildlife visited are preserved through various private and governmental actions.

10. Waster, water and recycling are utterly important for our company. That is why we use environmental friendly accommodation (Eco-lighthouse certification) on our trips whenever possible.

The Impacts of this Trip

1. On a bigger scale, we have taken a leading role in Norway on ensuring that the wildlife visited are preserved through various private and governmental actions. Donations worth 2 million USD has been raised by private and governmental institutions due to our work. In 2018 1.4 million USD will be added from the Norwegian government.

2. The same NGO have gathered money for supporting education in Nepal, and CO2-binding forestry in Kenya.

3. The average salary in Norway are rather high in an international context, and all of our employment and locally used personell have a good income.

4. Travelling is as much an idea, as an job to us. We believe that travelling are a great way of getting to understand cultures and the people living within it. Our guides have local knowledge, they shall maintain safety, and simultaneously open up for deeper understanding, hence enhanced knowledge of the places our guests visit. Because of this, we always travel in small groups with local guides.

5. All of the accommodation we use are owned locally, and we strive to visit places with cultural and historical importance on our trips.

6. The same local initiative goes with restaurants and spreading the tourism income. On our trips the restaurants itself are local, and so are their providers. Hotels and restaurants emphasizing recycling and other saving activites are always emphasized.

7. Our guides and staff ensure that the cultures and places that we visit are represented in a propper manner. For example, history, cultures and other themes connected to the places visited are true and genuine.


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