Croatia cruise, Dalmatian islands and towns

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29 Sep 2018
£ 805
excluding flights
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Croatia cruise, Dalmatian islands and towns


The vessels utilised during this small-ship cruise are modern and expertly-maintained to ensure their efficiency.

The boats are equipped with tanks to ensure that even if the vessel was to be at sea for two days (which it never is during our holidays) the black and grey water can be stored onboard meaning that nothing is jettisoned into the ocean. The ships are also equipped with tanks for the retention of oily water onboard which is, of course, vital in protecting the environment.

All of the ships’ crew members are fully-briefed on how to protect the sea and the environment. All of the rubbish created onboard is stored and sorted and then deposited at the port facilities and recycled where possible.

There is excellent signage throughout the boat informing guests that under no circumstances should anything be sent overboard and providing clear instructions as to how waste should be disposed of.

During any of the shore excursions, there is a complete leave-no-trace policy in place.


Our small-ships accommodate a maximum of 42 people. This means that they are able to visit areas without leaving a lasting impact. Large cruise liners, in many ways, start to dictate the style of tourism in a port and very often money spent in the destination ends up benefitting people outside of the region. On a small-ship, we are able to ensure that recommendations are made for guests both on and off-the-beaten-track and where shore excursions are possible, the group size is limited in order to ensure that the impact on any given destination is minimised.

Whilst your breakfasts and lunches are primarily included, evening dining options are in many cases left free for guests to choose and so the tourism multiplier effect is greater than if guests were on an all-inclusive boat. Guests are encouraged to try local restaurants throughout and learning a little about the local heritage of the region in which you are travelling is a key element of the holiday.

The captains on both ships are Croatian, as are the rest of their crew. The cooks use local produce which they purchase daily from the island on which they dock, so local small producers also benefit - not just the bigger food producers in Dubrovnik and Split.

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