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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

To respect our environment we inform our tourists how to behave while walking in the countryside. We encourage them to avoid littering, tearing or damaging flowers, as well as to respect wildlife habitats and so on.
We also respect the environment by our working policy. In our offices, we operate mainly with computers. We use emails rather than fax and do not print documents but store them on our computers and in online clouds. All of our invoices, travel information and travel documents to our clients are issued as PDF - not printed on paper.

We reduce waste and pollution by asking our tourists to minimize the use of plastic bags, plates, bottles etc.

There is a public recycling center in Georgia, which helps the country to implement modern principles of waste management that include saving resources and getting the economic effect by separating and subsequent recycling of waste. Separation corners offer an opportunity for people to take their sorted waste: glass, aluminum, plastic, paper and dispose it into the proper bin. So, we always encourage our tourists to throw their waste in the right place thereby help the country.

We encourage our tourists to conserve energy and maintain the use of air conditioners, lights and other electrical equipment to a minimum.

In Georgia, we often use electric cars which have several benefits over conventional automobiles, including a significant reduction of local air pollution.

The Impacts of this Trip

Local crafts and culture
We take our tourists to places where they can buy various handmade local souvenirs. Thus, they can both learn national customs and traditions and support local craft makers.

In Georgia, in Kakheti wine region the tourists will visit Tsinandali wine cellars where they will have an opportunity to learn ancient traditions of Georgian winemaking and try various kinds of locals wines. Those who wish will be able to purchase local homemade wines.

On the 8-th day of the tour, the travelers will visit famous Armenian souvenir fair Vernissage. Here Armenian masters sell their works of art such as paintings, jewelry, woodwork, magnets, musical instruments, national souvenirs, carpets, costumes and so on. Thus, we encourage our tourists to support local craft makers and artisans.

In Iran, the travelers will have an opportunity to visit Tabriz Bazaar and Tehran Grand Bazaar, both important historical constructions. Here the one can plunge into the unique atmosphere and get acquainted with handmade goods, local products and much more. The travelers will be able to buy handmade carpets, shoes, bags, cupric dishes, dried fruits etc.

Travelling with respect
We always inform our tourists about local customs and traditions, communication issues and rules of conduct in the churches. Thus, we minimize the risk of misunderstanding with locals and disrespectful behavior in religious places.

In Georgia, the travelers will be informed in detail about how to behave in Orthodox churches and what clothes to wear.

We will also inform our tourists in advance concerning the strict dress code in Iran, which is obligatory for women. Our guides will also inform the travelers about how to behave in public places in Iran and will introduce them to local rules of etiquette.

Thus, during all our tours, we are trying to encourage travelers to approach places they visit with greater understanding and respect.


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