Baltic 16 day tour

“The buzzing Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are on the agenda on this sixteen-day jaunt - and youíll have a small group of likeminded travellers to share the adventure with.”


Tallinn | Lahemaa National Park | Tartu | Cesis | Gauja National Park | Sigulda | Vilnius | Curonian Spit | Nida | Klaipeda | Riga | Parnu

Description of Baltic 16 day tour

During this sixteen day Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia holiday, you will explore great capitals, Cold War history and medieval architecture with like-minded people in a small group tour. You begin in Estoniaís capital of Tallinn, where the medieval walled old town is a hub of Estonian ancient culture and beauty. Followed closely by Tartu, a fascinating city dating back to the 11th century and Cesis with itís characterful windy streets and incredible gardens.

Then you travel through the Gauja National Park to Sigulda, a popular holiday resort. You will see the ruins of the Episcopal Castle and the ruins of the Castle of the Knights of the Sword before you travel around Riga to hit the highway down to Vilnius.

En route you will stop by the magnificent Rundale Palace, the former summer residence of the Duke of Courland. Following a guided tour of the palace, you travel through Lithuania to reach Vilnius late afternoon.

You will also get a chance to explore the old town of Vilnius, which is rich in culture and history, followed by a visit to Trakai Castle which is situated on the island of Lake Galve.

Afterwards, you continue to the Curonian Spit, a thin, 100 km stretch of land between the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon with small fishing villages, pine forests and endless sand dunes.

Then you have a week of relaxing in Nida. Use your bike rental the first day to get acquainted with Nida and its surroundings. Besides, there is enough to do: biking on the spit, hiking in the dunes, boating in the lagoon, swimming in the sea, sunbathing on the sandy beach, playing tennis in the sun, lunching on smoked fish, attending the many summer concerts and enjoying life to its full!

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Baltic 16 day tour


The hotels you are staying at in Tallinn, Vilnius and Riga are part of the Blu Planet programme. As part of this programme, your hotels have partnered with Just a Drop to help give children around the world access to safe drinking water through the hotel brandís towel re-use programme. Guests are asked to reuse their towels and forego housekeeping. For every towel reused, your hotel makes a donation to Just a Drop. Over 9,000 children have been helped so far!

The Baltics states are incredibly proud of their history, traditions and culture. They are forever trying to restore historical buildings and maintain traditional and local culture. A couple of great example of this is the reconstruction of the Trakai Castle, which took over 80 years to restore, and the city of Klaipeda, which did not avoid World War Two. Churches were destroyed, whole districts were damaged in the southern part of the old town. The remaining cultural heritage was started to look after in 1960's. In 1963 Klaipeda's old town was declared an urban monument and in 1964 first regeneration project was prepared. During 1971-1981 restoration process of around 70 old town buildings was started.

The Baltic countries spend a great deal of time and money restoring historic buildings and natural areas which have previously been devastated by war or by mismanagement. One of the buildings which was restored is the hotel you are staying at in Klaipeda - The cornerstone with the ownerís surname carved on it in 1855 is still at the hotel. It is incredibly important for local communities and businesses surrounding historical areas to maintain their economy because this is what funds the restoration efforts. By visiting these communities you are making a huge contribution and helping the restoration activities and future community projects to flourish.

We try and keep carbon emissions down on our trips by promoting walking tours where possible and sharing transport. As part of a small group, you are having a minimal impact on the environment because you are not hiring individual cars to get around.


During your trip, you will be making a huge contribution to the local communities. 95% of all the employees you will encounter in the hotels, bars, restaurants and historical locations will be local people.

We hire local guides who will be very forthcoming in recommending true locally owned restaurants and your money will always go to the right people. When you are in any major cities you can easily find small, local and quirky cafe's, restaurants and bars down the wonky cobbled side streets.

When you spend your money locally, you are helping to pay for children's schooling, local charities, local community projects and so much more as your contribution filters out throughout the local economy.

Throughout your trip, you will see that all the local restaurants and cafe sell locally sources meat, cheeses, fish and so on. The Baltic countries eat a lot of hearty stews, soups and traditional foods and you will notice that the vegetables and meat will almost always be locally sourced.

This is also true for many market stalls and merchants who sell handcrafted merchandise and raw material such as 100% local wool, for example.

You will, of course, encounter a certain amount of commercial and corporate aspects, such as coffee shops and 'souvenir' shops which are clearly not part of the local economy, other than on a basic level. This means you will need to use your own judgement when spending your money in order to ensure it goes to the right people.

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