The Carian Trail walking holiday in Turkey

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: The Carian Trail walking holiday in Turkey


This is a walking tour and so by its nature is lower carbon than those that rely on private transfers and polluting vehicles.

When we choose our accommodations, we prefer family operated and locally owned accommodations. Most of them are farmers at the same time, so meals to clients are prepared from locally sourced produce, which shortens the chain and eliminates the cost and pollution from transporting food from the big cities. What is more, as part of the process, we teach them how to reduce waste, reduce the use of chemicals, where to buy products and what to avoid, so that they can offer quality and organic meals which are so much appreciated by our clients.

Our team voluntarily maintains the walking trails (waymarking and cleaning) with the help of locals. If there are rubbish-strewn sections, we go out and clean them. When waymarking, we try to only refresh the old marks and not intervene unnecessarily by installing big metal or plastic signs. We use paint on rocks and so that the effect on nature is minimal.


For our services along the Carian trail, we are hiring local people from the villages along the route. For the transfers, we use local drivers and thus share our profit with these people, as we are earning our money in their area and we use locally owned and operated, small hotels.

This cooperation gives us also the opportunity to get closer to the locals, understand their needs and if possible support them further. It’s also the best way to get a cultural exchange between our customers and the local people.

A part of our profit made from this itinerary is used for supporting poor children´s university studies from beginning to the end of their study, especially supporting of girls, which have a very limited access to education in rural Turkey.

We are regularly maintaining the trails with the help of local volunteers, thus making them more engaged and as part of the maintenance we teach them about trail orientation and specifics, so in the future they can be hired as local guides on guided trips provided by other companies.

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