The Carian Trail walking holiday in Turkey

“Two centre walking holiday on the southwest Turkish coast featuring luggage transfers, detailed trail notes and secluded bays from where to cool off.”


Bozburun Peninsula | ancient cities of Hydas, Amos and Loryma | Kumlubük Bay | Bay of Marmaris | Loryma Bay | seaside town of Selimiye | Akyaka | Mount Sakar | Datca Peninsula |

Description of The Carian Trail walking holiday in Turkey

This self guided week of walking in Turkey is split into two halves with seaside accommodation in firstly Bozburun and then Akyaka providing a couple of hand-picked bases from where to set out on the Carian Trail.

Luggage transfers, transport to trail heads, detailed maps and walking notes allow for a relaxed itinerary, with daily distances of around 12kms ensuring you get to experience southwest Turkey in your own time, at a pace that suits the sea breeze.

Although the entirety of the Carian Trail stretches for over 800kms this certainly isn’t going to be achieved over the course of an eight day walking holiday. However, you will be invited to make the most of shaded pine forests, as well as numerous secluded bays and beaches, which is good news for walkers wishing to cool off during the warmer months. From dramatic cliff faces to pearl white rocks rising out of the Aegean, the Carian Trail conjures up a quintessential southwest Turkey coastline, ideal for walkers who like their trails with a touch of sandy scenery.

Although the Carian Trail was only officially opened in 2013, and now features a series of signs and markers, its heritage leads back to the mule paths connecting communities in ancient Hydas, Amos and Loryma, which makes for a fascinating back story to accompany the sea views.

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: The Carian Trail walking holiday in Turkey


Through our local office in Albania we are supporting the maintenance of the hiking trails in the area where this walking holiday takes place. We encourage the guides and hotel owners in the area to participate in trail maintenance, as volunteers. If there are rubbish-strewn sections, we go out and clean them. When way marking, we try to only refresh the old marks and not intervene unnecessarily by installing big metal or plastic signs. We use paint on rocks and so that the effect on nature is minimal.

We are also cooperating with local non-profits and communities and have successfully stopped the construction of dams and water power plants on the rivers in the area, which include some of the last free flowing rivers in Europe.

We encourage our clients to use the info packs and maps in electronic format and not print everything; we are gradually introducing a smartphone app which will contain both the maps and route notes and will make the printed route notes obsolete.


For our services along the Carian trail, we are hiring local people from the villages along the route. For the transfers, we use local drivers and thus share our profit with these people, as we are earning our money in their area and we use locally owned and operated, small hotels.

This cooperation gives us also the opportunity to get closer to the locals, understand their needs and if possible support them further. It’s also the best way to get a cultural exchange between our customers and the local people.

A part of our profit made from this itinerary is used for supporting poor children´s university studies from beginning to the end of their study, especially supporting of girls, which have a very limited access to education in rural Turkey.

We are regularly maintaining the trails with the help of local volunteers, thus making them more engaged and as part of the maintenance we teach them about trail orientation and specifics, so in the future they can be hired as local guides on guided trips provided by other companies.

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