Rajasthan cycling tour in India

“Rajasthanís varied landscapes make this 12 day small group journey truly special, with a wildlife safari and welcoming homestays offering respite from days in the saddle.”


Jaipur | Pushkar | Brahma Temple | Chandelao | Jodhpur | Jojawar | Ranakpur | Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary | Udaipur

Description of Rajasthan cycling tour in India

This small group cycling tour takes you to the state of Rajasthan, one of Indiaís most beguiling regions. Known as the ďland of MaharajahsĒ, Rajasthan is bursting with ancient forts, palaces and holy lakes that hark back to an era of myth and romance. Itís said that Indiaís many colours come to life in Rajasthan and this certainly feels true when you see the vibrant hues of local fabrics and the pink sandstone of Jaipurís palaces, not to mention the deep green of the regionís national parks.

Itís not all about beautiful heritage buildings and colourful wildlife, though. What also makes this region special is the warmth of the people, and this trip offers plenty of simple pleasures, such as browsing local markets and dining in local homes. In fact, travelling by bike is the perfect way to get to know this region, as the slow pace connects you to the people and the landscapes in a way thatís not possible on a standard tour.

On this 11 day trail, youíll see the regionís diversity close at hand, with a small group of likeminded travellers for company. Starting in Jaipur, youíll pass through Pushkar, Jodhpur, and the charming villages of Chandelao and Bishnoi, before finishing in Udaipur Ė a total distance of 400km, with a mixture of cycling and driving.

For the most part youíll be cycling on flat terrain and paved roads, covering between 40km and 60km a day, with an exciting descent towards Udaipur at the end. There will be some uneven terrain and steep ascents, but the trip is fully supported so you can rest if need be, and your guideís expert knowledge of the area and terrain means that youíll always know in advance whatís coming up in terms of distance and difficulty.

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Rajasthan cycling tour in India


Travelling Responsibly is one of the pillar's of our company. As part of the pre-tour document that outline our responsible travel advice on the tour, here are some pointers briefed in the document:

1. No to bottled water - One of the initiatives towards going green is we abstain from using bottled water on all tours. We inform our guests to carry their water bottle which we will refill with clean and hygiene RO purified water. This will be communicated to everyone who enquires with us prior to they signing-up for the tour.

2. Disposing of trash responsibly during the tour - the support vehicle will cary a thrash bag which will collect all the thrash that the guests will produce. At the end of each day, we dispose the waste responsibly at the homestay that we will stay.

3. No to juices packaged in plastic bottles and snacks packaged in plastic covers - we advise our guests to stay away from buying juices and snacks packaged in plastic containers. We instead buy snacks from local bakeries and prepare juices while on the tour using a concentrated syrup.

4. No to any activities that results in animal cruelty. Although the camel safaris in the sand dunes of Rajasthan are world renowned, we do not have camel safari as part of the itinerary.

5. We use only one support vehicle to reduce the carbon footprint. This is a medium intensity tour and the tour is designed in a way that all guests will cycle from point A to point B and the support vehicle will have designated stop points to support the cyclists and load up if required.


Rajasthan is the land of Maharajahs, palaces and forts. One of the things that people travelling to Rajasthan will look forward to is staying at the Havelis (palatial homes) and heritage hotels. These are homestays owned by the locals of the region and not big corporations. On this tour, we have identified a few homestays and Havelis through Rajasthan for accommodation. All food stops on the tour are also at restaurants and eateries run by the local community people.

As part of providing authentic experiences of the region, we have included a Manganiyar dance performance by the local community. We also take part in a traditional Amal ceremony (tea ceremony) in one of the local homes.

The driver of the support vehicle who is also the local guide is from Rajasthan. He has been trained according to the principles of our company and has all the local knowledge to share with the travellers.

Rajasthan is known for its handicraft items made by the local artisans. One of the experiences on the tour is a market walk where the guests pick up souvenirs and other embroidered home decor, apparels, bags and footwear made by the local artisans.

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