Soviet history tour in Lithuania

“This four-day small group tour of Lithuania provides some intriguing insights into life during the Soviet era with a series of memorable excursions, including the famous KGB Museum in Vilnius.”


Vilnius walking tour | KGB Museum | Tour of nuclear power plant | Grutas Park | Vilnius TV Tower | Aukstaitijos National Park|

Description of Soviet history tour in Lithuania

Lithuania spent almost half a century under Soviet occupation, finally becoming independent in 1990. The country still bears many fascinating traces of Soviet architecture and culture, which this short small-group tour from Vilnius explores.

One of the darkest reminders of this period is the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights, but known as the KGB Museum as it sits inside that organisation’s former Vilnius headquarters. Sombre collections document a history of arrests, deportations and executions, as well as the Lithuanian anti-Soviet resistance.

Optional excursions include a trip up the TV Tower, which at 326.5 metres is the tallest structure in the country, offering superb views. Grutas Park is a large outdoor exhibition space containing many sculptures and busts for former Soviet leaders, wrapped in sinister barbed wire and watch towers.

A lighter side to the trip comes with an interesting guided tour of a former nuclear power plant, which before it was decommissioned was the largest in the world. You can even stop for a bite to eat in the old canteen!

Journeying back to the capital, a breath of fresh air in Aukstaitijos National Park, well-known for its biodiversity, and a number of historic villages that are notable for their architecture.

This trip is not just a look back in time, but also a celebration of freedom. Regular encounters with local people and sightseeing in Vilnius help juxtapose a period of fear and suspicion with the far happier atmosphere of modern Lithuania.

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Soviet history tour in Lithuania


Transportation: We try to avoid usage of personal transfers. To reach one of our points – TV Tower – we use public transport instead of private car. Since other our stops are reachable by walking, we organize our tour without cars.

Nature: during this tour we visit the oldest National park in Lithuania, called Aukstaitijos National park. We include a price of a voluntary ticket to the final amount of the tour. This ticket expresses visitor’s consent to arrange recreational, visited sites, cognitive trails in protected areas in order to avoid garbage in campsites. The amount collected for these tickets we transfer to the Park Authority.

Aukstaitijos National park was established in order to preserve the unique ecological system of Zeimena uplift, its natural and cultural values at the junction of the three different landscapes. We rate this visit as a rare opportunity to see a wildlife close up, so we do our best being just observers – try not to disrupt the natural park’s life. That means we always take what we bring with us (our rubbish, packages, waste etc.).

Water: in Lithuania we have our liquid gold that comes straight from the tap – our water. And we always use it not just for coffee or tea; it is the best way to fresh up! The best part is that we can get this water everywhere we go. Since we do that ourselves, we always recommend our travelers to drink tap water too.


We do believe that local people are the best guides, so we try to communicate with locals as much, as we can. By organising this trip to Lithuania, we are bringing tourists to areas that are not always explored and therefore helping to boost the local economy with money from tourism. In our experience, the local people appreciate the opportunity to tell local stories and they do that originally, with passion. It’s because these stories aren’t just facts, it’s real life experiences. For example, we have local guide Beata – she is born in Ignalina. Her parents came to build Nuclear power plant and now she works in info center. Our travelers appreciate this possibility to meet locals.

We always recommend our tourists visit small local shops, boutiques or market places with handmade souvenirs. It is not just a good way to find something original to bring home and support local crafters; it is also a way to meet local people, to talk with them, to ask some questions about their craft. That’s why we strongly recommend our groups to visit Tymo Market in Vilnius. Tymo Market is not just another place for groceries; it is association, which brings together Lithuanian producers of natural and healthy food and consumers.

We have two important aims – first, we seek to show the best of our country and share the most beautiful experiences with our travelers. On the other hand, we admit the significance of local people. So we try to find the best way to facilitate collaboration and mutual benefit between these two sides.

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