Guadeloupe activity holiday in the Caribbean

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Guadeloupe activity holiday in the Caribbean


Our agency tries to promote eco-friendly activities which pose no harm to environment. Our holidays have a very strong focus on nature and the environment.

The island of Guadeloupe is full of nature that is worth preserving. A land of conservation, the archipelago is home to 4 nature reserves, and as you walk along the 300 km of hiking trails, you will see waterfalls, rivers, and tropical flowers all hidden in a lush forest, dominated by the Soufrière volcano.

Discover the beautiful nature of Guadeloupe and wander through botanic gardens, climb a volcano or go canyoning. All these activities can be booked as guided tours and our local guides are happy to accompany you. They will make sure you do not harm the environment while discovering the splendid nature during your activities.

Our clients will be accommodated in self-catering cottages. The Ecolodge is eco-responsible by minimizing its impact on the planet. Thus, the timber comes from sustainable managed forests, rainwater is recovered, organic waste reused, selective sorting done, fauna and flora preserved. We encourage our clients to pursue the ecological lifestyle while cooking or visiting. The suggested accommodations respect the French ecological norms :
- protect the environment - its flora, fauna and landscapes
- conserve natural resources - from office to destination
- minimise pollution - through noise, waste disposal and congestion

We focus our guest’s attention on local efforts to preserve flora and fauna and we like to think holidays significantly contribute to raising awareness for the environment. We ask our guests to be aware of their electricity and hot water consumption when they travel with us. We advise our guests about local regulations and protected areas at each destination.

Rental cars are the best means of transport for our clients to make the most of their stay on the island of Guadeloupe. However, we encourage them to leave the car parked and to go on biking or hiking tours to reduce their ecological footprint and to discover the Caribbean in an authentic way that brings them closer to nature.

Our office minimizes the use of paper by using internet, emails and for marketing purposes we also make use of websites. Our vouchers are electronic to avoid massive use of paper. When we have to use paper, we use the APUR paper, and our Brother’s cartridges are brought to the recycle center, which has a partnership with CoolEarth


Our aim is to offer customers a chance to discover a secret 'France' by offering original itineraries in the French Caribbean as well.

All the accommodations are locally owned businesses and work responsibly to minimize the ecological impact.

We select our local guides and craftsmen with great care to ensure that our activity benefits the local economy. Our guides are able to offer an insight into the Creole culture and are able to guide visitors to less known sites and unknown treasures. Thanks to our expertise and local guides, we know the best spots to buy and to try local products and specialties. We promote our excursions and activities with our local guides. They can tell our clients about their culture and they know the area very well. They know how to show you Guadeloupe while minimizing the impact on the environment.
We promote local business like a family restaurant serving home-cooked Creole dishes.

In this program, we work with local people to protect cultural heritage. You will meet typical locals from the area who will show you their home. They accompany you on kayak trips and canyoning activities. On a Catamaran Cruise, you will get to know a local skipper who will also showcase his cooking skills for you. By getting our travelers to connect with the locals, we support the local population and help them preserve their culture and traditions.

You will definitely get a deeper understanding of the area and leave with unforgettable memories. Our vast experience and extensive knowledge enable us to propose packages that will give a true insight into the region they visit. Packages are selected in close relationship with customers and suppliers. We guarantee to replace or refund unavailable products, giving reassurance to the customer. Our team is there for our clients, before, during and after the stay on Guadeloupe.

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