The Balkans adventure holiday, small group

“Climb the highest peaks in Bosnia and Montenegro, and bask in stunning mountain scenery, with this small group trekking holiday through the old Kingdoms. ”


Tjentiste | Sutjeska National Park | Mountain trekking | Maglic | Zabljak | Durmitor National Park | Rafting the Tara River Canyon | Black Lake | Bobotov | Guided tour of Trebisnjica|

Description of The Balkans adventure holiday, small group

Encompassing adventure, nature, history and culture, this seven-day Balkans trekking holiday takes you through some of the region’s most extravagantly beautiful scenery, bookended by two memorable mountain ascents. From lakes and canyons to historic riverside cities, the itinerary is meticulously crafted to wow you at every stage.

The trip begins in Tjentiste, within the Sutjeska National Park. One of Europe’s few primeval forests is found here, along with 17 glacial lakes and a colony of brown bears. It goes without saying that this is prime territory for walkers. Here you’ll tackle Maglic, Bosnia’s highest mountain, assisted by steel cables where necessary.

Next, adventure of a whole different kind. It’s time to put on helmet and life jacket as you embark on an exciting raft journey through the Tara River Canyon in Montenegro’s Durmitor National Park. Stretching for 78km, this is the second-longest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll spend the following day here too, based in Zabljak and doing some easygoing treks around the park’s beautiful glacial lakes.

Having relaxed on the previous day, you should have plenty of energy to mount an ascent of Bobotov, the highest mountain in Montenegro. Bobotov also requires making use of steel cables towards the summit, but assisted by the instructors you’ll have no issue negotiating them. And your reward? Majestic panoramas of this region’s mountains and lakes.

Wind down afterwards with a tour around Trebisnjica, with its watermills and charming riverside old town. If you’ve never trekked in the Balkans before, this is the perfect introduction. Expect to find it ever so slightly addictive.

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: The Balkans adventure holiday, small group


A trekking tour through the kingdoms of Balkan is an unusual adventure through the glorious past and the wild untouched nature of Bosnia and Montenegro. We are going to conquer some of the highest peaks of the Balkans, explore the national park Sutjeska, stroll through the only rainforest in Europe - Perucica, see our reflections in 17 different mountain lakes on Giant Durmitore and much more. One of the key mottos we hold on to here at the EST adventure is that we belong to nature, and not the other way around. Using that, we incorporate three large R’s - reduce, reuse, recycle.

The Balkan Kingdoms tour mainly takes place through strictly protected areas of a special importance. Several locations that we’ll visit during our tour are under the protection of UNESCO. With that in mind, it is our priority to take the full responsibility and minimize all the impacts on these nature jewels that we’ll visit with our guests. We do our best to optimize the use and to respect all natural resources, while not endangering the ecological processes and natural resources of the destination. Here's what this means.

We are obliged to return back everything we take with us to a location and thus nothing remains in nature. We take water from local sources whenever possible, using a single plastic bottle we fill along. And as we tend to take use of every object, all the caps found or collected from our travelers during our tour will be recycled and used in the “Cap for Handicap” initiative, where people in need receives much needed assistance and equipment to improve their quality of life.

We select vehicles from our partners with minimal emissions of pollutants whenever possible.

Via Dinarica organization, which promotes sustainable and ecological tours across the Dinaric Alps, is our partner for this tour; they offer us guidance and their own resources to combat any pollution that we may come across.


Respecting the social and cultural authenticity of the hosts and their communities is a priority for each of our tours. We strive to preserve and promote their material and immaterial heritage as much as their traditional values and to contribute to cultural understanding and tolerance.

In order to provide our guests with a more authentic experience of the city, but also to help the local economy, we choose local households and ethno sites for accommodation. For trekking through the Balkan kingdoms, we hire local guides, since nobody knows the specific features of the destination better than them. They will tell us the best stories and show the most interesting places. Besides, in this way we are giving our contribution to the economy of the city.

The best way to experience the spirit of the Balkans with all your senses is through the local cuisine. Balkan kingdoms trekking tour includes meals in smaller local restaurants of national cuisine. Also, we always offer our guests an all-inclusive service, and we buy everything we need in local shops. Thus, the money flows into the economy of the community, and catering and trade facilities receive important recommendations and reviews of guests.

In the end, a journey wouldn’t be the same without souvenirs. We go to the places where the local population makes and sells souvenirs and we always advise the participants to opt for those ones, even if those are more expensive than the imported ones.

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