Montenegro to Bosnia tour

“A carefully crafted small group tour of Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Enjoy nine days of outdoor activities, natural wonder, cultural insights and delicious cuisine. ”


Valjevo | Gradac River Canyon | Lelic Monastery | Nova Varos | Uvac Lake boat tour | Zabljack | Black Lake | Trekking | Rafting on the Tara River | Visegrad | Andric Town | Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge | Sargan Eight steam train ride | Drvengrad Wooden City | Tara National Park | Raca Monastery | Rakia distillery visit | Belgrade |

Description of Montenegro to Bosnia tour

The centuries-old cultural heritage of this region unfolds before you as you travel between Montenegro and Bosnia, every day of the trip packed with activities. Visit ancient cities and monasteries, magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and explore landscapes that are paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

You’ll begin with a hike through the Gradac River Canyon, the tree-lined paths revealing hidden bridges, groves and ethnic complexes. The following day will be spent touring the gorgeous Uva River Canyon by boat. This artificial lake is filled with water the colour of emeralds, and walled in limestone. Griffon vultures can often be observed soaring overhead.

More trekking follows, this time around the glacial Black Lake, before what is probably the most challenging day of the tour, a seven-hour ascent of Prutas Mountain. Reaching the summit requires some effort, but the views make it all worthwhile.

The Tara River Canyon is the second-longest in the world, after the Grand Canyon, but unlike the American icon you can travel through this one by raft. Part of the Durmitor National Park, the canyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its natural beauty is on full display as you strap on your helmet for a thrilling whitewater rafting expedition. After hanging up your paddles, the group will transfer to nearby Visegrad, a historic town well-known for its Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge, another UNESCO Site and built under Ottoman rule.

As the tour winds to an end, you’ll take a relaxing and scenic steam train ride before a little more light trekking, and then a thirst-quenching visit to a local distillery. Then it’s back to Belgrade, with a day free for sightseeing, gift shopping and a night on the town to bid farewell to your fellow travellers.

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Responsible tourism

Montenegro to Bosnia tour

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


Trekking, canyoning and rafting through the finest areas of clean, untouched nature of the three of the most beautiful Balkan destinations is a great way to see it. Leaving polluting vehicles behind and instead embracing lower carbon transport methods allows us to access pristine areas, and when guided properly, keep them that way so you can some of the most breathtaking views, clear and fast mountain rivers, mountain lakes and magnificent greenery in the area. One part of the tour leads us through the masterpieces of nature that of special importance and that are found under the protection of certain institutions. The Tara River Canyon is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the Uvac River Canyon is a nature reserve under the protection of the government, and we do our best to help protect it too.

Since we are being guided by the thought that the nature does not belong to us, we take full responsibility for all the influences we have on the destinations we visit. As promoters of the sustainable tourism we carefully use and respect all the natural resources, trying not to endanger ecological processes and striving to preserve the natural wealth of the site.

Reduce, reuse and recycle are our favorite 3 big R’s that we try to teach our guest as well. In the practice this means the following:

We always use vehicles with the least emissions of harmful gases. We are obliged to return back every item we bring to the site. These areas abound with clean drinking water sources, so we encourage our guests not to carry plastic bottles but to instead take the advantage of a unique opportunity to get water and refreshment from the mountain sources.

We cooperate with Via Dinarica, an organization that promotes sustainable and ecological tours across the Dinaric Alps.

Nature conservation is our motto, so that all the caps collected from the destination or our travelers are donated to the humanitarian action “Cap for Handicap”, which donates medical grade accessories to those in need.


Respecting the social and cultural authenticity of local communities means promoting their material and intangible heritage and traditional values, as well as contributing their economic development.

In order to provide our participants with an authentic image of the site, and to help the city economy, we always engage local guides. For accommodation, we choose the local households and ethno sites, avoiding popular hotel chains.

The local cuisine restaurants will allow guests to fully experience every place, enjoying the traditional specialties. At the same time, our visit will contribute to the money directing to the local community's cash register and add to the popularization of smaller catering facilities.

We advise our guests to not carry their food and water, but to buy instead everything they need in the local shops, which promotes and helps the region, and is quite cheap to be honest.

Buying souvenirs and small gifts for your loved ones is an integral part of every trip. During our tours we visit local manufacturers and sellers and we encourage our customers to buy lovely souvenirs that are being created there.

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