Masai Mara short flying safari

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Masai Mara short flying safari


The reason we are enjoying these natural amenities is because those before us dedicated themselves into protecting the environment and it is one of the important things that we bear in mind when planing any itinerary. During the entire safari we have some practices in place to help us protect the environment:
- No dumping of any garbage outside the vehicle. Put everything in the seat pockets. We shall dispose correctly at the lodges
- Do not ask your driver guide to drive off road while in parks. Stick to designated tracks.
- Wild animals have the right of the way, we are the intruders in their territory and no any time will you block their way

We have projects where in conjunction with local community leaders, we identify local guides whom we help train on matters on conservation and tourism who either becomes professional local tour guides in the villages. To support the communities, we help in building schools, hospitals and educate them in basic health matter like need to use toilets by building them in the village which discourage them from their traditions where they help themselves in the forests.


Although there is negative impact on the environment through carbon emissions from flights, this safari has been of great benefit to the local communities in many ways:
- all airlines pay a landing fee which goes directly to the group ranches
- Airstrip run-ways are leased land from the local communities
- increases turnover of clients who would have skipped the trip due to long hours drive from Nairobi thus increasing bed occupancy which in return increases job opportunities to the locals
- All tourists pay park fee which i again a big percentage goes to the local communities group ranches
- At the airstrip, local women have curio shop in some airstrips where they sell artifacts to tourists
- Some locals have safari jeeps which they hire out to tour operators who rather have set empty vehicles all the way to Masai Mara to receive clients flying-in thus creating job opportunities to locals.

We all read and see human conflicts which have led to some wild animals becoming extinct which the main contribution is human encroachments in their territories. To encourage local communities to co-exist with wild animals and encourage them to appreciate their conservation we designed our tour to help enable this.

During your stay at masai mara, you will do a cultural tour on day 2 visiting the local village. During the visit, we pay a fee which helps to maintain their way of life. A local guide in the village will guide you around the village and explain things to you. Local women have some artifacts which they sell and we encourage you to buy from them which in return help them buy food since they do not farm.

Local community (Masai) have really benefited from the masai mara national reserve since the largest portion of money paid as park fees to the county government is shared among the locals through their ranches. This too help boost the relationship between locals and visitors as to them that is the way to earn their living and educate their children

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