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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Poland brewery tour, beer and vodka


This trip takes place in a remarkable area of the Rudawy Janowickie Mountains. Once almost completely devastated by heavy industry, it now flourishes with the beauty of the living nature.

Miedzianka was once an utterly exploited area. Rich in copper, it became like a cancer to the local wildlife. Since it has been revived, nature exploded again. This time though, the current village of Miedzianka keeps the balance between development and natural wildlife.

All the breweries on this tour take the reduction of rubbish very seriously - having witnessed what the copper mining did to the area. All the breweries and distilleries recycle the glass containers (bottles, beer mugs, glasses). They don't use any plastic mugs or bottles. The production process is run in the way to produce as less of the waste as possible, avoiding any artificial or chemical ingredients.

All of the breweries are located close to national wildlife reserves, which makes them attractive for the tourists, but on the other hand keeps their attention to the condition of environment.

A great example of recycling is where parts of the industrial area have been turned into natural fishponds of Milicz (ca 70 ponds). Partially it used to be a surface mine of turf. After it was exploited it was turned into a wasteland and since it was revived as ponds, it was registered to the Living Lakes Project. Currently used for carp fish breeding and are part of the National Wildlife Reserve.

Another place on the route is Slowinski National Park, which the most impressive part are the moving sand dunes. We lead the route through the marked paths so that the great nature can be admired and fragile parts of the park avoided. The sand dunes also have their own paths. Rolling down the slopes is allowed only at specific areas. We suggest hiring bikes to explore this area and we cover the park's entry fee which goes towards helping conservation in the area.


We chose to support Miedzianka as a tourist attraction as the village is a great example how the the city can revive. The former city of Miedzianka was located in the area of copper deposits. The extensive mining turned the area almost into a wasteland. After it was exploited the city stared to disappear, to be finally abandoned and literally removed by the end of the 70's of the 20th century.

In the late 1989 the city settlement has started to rebuild. The long and laborious process has been going on since that time. In 2013 there were 11 houses and the new hope came with the entrepreneur who set up a small brewery producing one of the testies beers in Poland. Miedzianka has survived, and the community has been growing every year. We support them bringing tourists to the region, so that they can experience the miracle of persistence, creativity and will.

In the age of corporate dominancy in every branch of economy, it is most important to support local producers and craftsmen. They fight an unequal struggle with corporate companies trying to compete with their cheap but poorly-made products.

In the brewery branch, this fight it is visible on every step. Local breweries such as Miedzianka or Szymbark provide exclusive products made mostly of Polish ingredients. Both breweries as well as the distillery supports the community hiring local stuff. They run their own guest houses and restaurants and by supporting these services, we are helping them to stay open and continue their good work in the community.

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