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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Poland horse riding holiday


Bieszczady is a place in Poland where wildlife is abundant. It is appropriate to explore this from the saddle as horses are the part of the local ecosystem. Traveling on horseback is the best way to get through Bieszczady without disturbance and observe the coexistence of man and nature.

We avoid taking plastic bags and detergents. On this trip we camp which is a low emissions form of accommodation when all waste is collected and taken to be dumped in special waste bins (which we do). Tourists are equipped with refill containers and camps are set at the camping areas. We also stay in small guest houses enroute have generally smaller carbon footprint comparing with larger hotels.

Routes are pre-planned, however, depending on the weather conditions the tour leader may re-adjust them accordingly. There is always local guide who knows exactly where to go, so that tourists can admire the wild while avoiding fragile areas.

On the tour every tourist is asked to take care of their horse. Cleaning and feeding their equine travelling companion helps visitors to connect with their horse and understand how important the relation between man and animal is, and how one is dependent on the other.


During the Bieszczady horse ride we rely on the local communities oi every area of our activity. Equine maintenance is one of the most important profit generators for the region. By setting our tour in South-Eastern Poland which considered to be one of the poorest region of the country, we are aiming to support the people who live their by funding the rural economy.

Accommodation based on open air camps and guest houses is crucial to fulfill the above. High unemployment in the region derives from the harsh living conditions comparing to other parts of Poland, wich is also why we decided to locate our trips in there, so that we could support the local communities and services.

When camping we provide food resources for the whole group. Tourists are supplied before going on tour. Tour leaders share the rations during camping, so that every one receives a fair portion. Meals are prepared during camping. No plastic-packed products. Our guest house at the husbandry runs its own kitchen.

Since the region is located near the Polish/Ukrainian border, the mix of cultures can be observed. As the history between the countries has sometimes been rough - it is very important to understand the effort that it takes from both nationalities to live next to each other harmoniously.

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