Pakistan 17 day tour

“Journey overland from Karachi to Islamabad in a hand-built jeep, with expert local guides and a handful of like minded travellers for company. ”


Karachi | Manchar Lake | Sehwan | Hyperbad | Cholistan desert | Harappa archaeological site | Multan | Drive the Great Trunk Road | Lahore | Islamabad

Description of Pakistan 17 day tour

On this 17 day small group tour of Pakistan youíll hit the road less travelled, making your way overland from Karachi to Islamabad in a locally hand-built jeep. Youíll usually travel with just two or three other travellers, in order to minimise the tripís social and environmental impact.

Highlights of your holiday will include watching the flag lowering ceremony at the India/Pakistan border at Wagah; visiting the sprawling 9th-century Derawar Fort, which stands in the vast expanse of the Cholistan Desert; learning about the 5000-year-old heritage of the Indus Valley; and exploring the buzzing bazaars of Karachi.

Local guides will accompany you on the adventure, providing insight into the countryís history, culture and environment, as well as providing advice on dress and etiquette. Youíll stay in small guest houses and all (locally sourced) meals are included.

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Pakistan 17 day tour


Water: Northern Pakistan thrives on the melt water from the huge glaciers running down steep valleys in the Hindu Kush, Karakorum and Himalayan ranges. We encourage travellers to filter tap water where possible to avoid buying plastic bottles. Where plastic bottles have to be used, these are supplied by us and disposed of in the correct manner.

Transport / people: We use locally hand built jeeps that are well maintained with engines adjusted to altitude. All this means less unburned diesel and less pollutants in to the atmosphere. By using 3 person jeeps we also make a low impact on the delicate road structure and small settlements we visit. By running overland trips we also hope to reduce carbon emissions by not flying.

Our group sizes are deliberately very small, generally just 2 or 3 travellers, in order to minimise our impact both socially and environmentally.


Our aim on all our trips is to put as much of the trip costs as possible directly back into the local communities in which we travel. As such we run this trip in conjunction with a local operator and your crew will be local Pakistanis. We stay at small locally run guest houses and all meals are sourced locally.

Suppliers: Due to the fallout from 9/11, all tourism suppliers in Pakistan have seen virtually no travellers in recent years. The local people are some of the friendliest in the world and by visiting their shops and markets and using local guides and suppliers, we can help support local communities.

Your guide will make sure you are aware of and respect local customs and traditions. Our first point of call on this trip is to buy suitable clothing to undertake the trip that fits in with local traditional dress. Your crew will take you to places where you can visit local bazaars and artisans at work and any purchases you make will further support the local community.

We include a variety of elements in our tour to show everyday life in this remote part of the world. Using local specialist guides, where necessary, also ensures money is going back in to these small areas.

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