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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Lithuania short break


Trying to introduce our travelers the best experience of our Lithuania, we create our tours by combining historical, cultural and natural heritage. We respect our nature, not just national parks, but every path we walk, so we take our trash with us, try not to stray where it isn’t allowed, don’t break the branches of the trees, cut feel the leaves or flowers. Our conviction is that in national parks, swamps, forests, we are guests, so we try to be ones and behave appropriately.

Our old town in Vilnius is UNESCO protected, so we not just proud of it - we are always ready to be responsible for it's protection.

One of our priorities is water drinking so we always have reusable bottle, to avoid permanent buying of plastic bottles. This is something we always remind and recommend to do for our travelers, especially when the tap water in Lithuania is really good.

Other important thing would be avoiding unnecessary transport. If there is a chance to reach a destination by walk, we always recommend it to our travellers.


We have two important aims – first, we seek to show the best of our country and share the most beautiful experiences with our travellers. On the other hand, we aim to support our local people. So we try to find the best way of collaboration between these two sides. We have a goal to treat our suppliers fairly and we are really proud that our relations aren’t just about business; it’s more like professional friendship.

Our visit in Trakai is unique not just because of breathtaking nature and architectural views, but also because of the opportunity to taste the authentic food of Karaims (ethnic group that lives in Lithuania since Grand Duke Vytautas times) and, of course, to get to know better their culture, traditions and customs. That's why we always include a meal during a visit to Trakai. This is one way to support small business runed by locals.

We also invite our travellers to visit Rumsiskes open air museum – it’s really interesting not just to see the history, but also to have a chance to buy some goods made of locals. Usually they uses traditional technologies.

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