Wine holidays in Andalucia, Spain

“Join a small group of like-minded wine enthusiasts for a week of winery and vineyard visits, as well as tasting sessions at a guesthouse in Andalucía.”


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Description of Wine holidays in Andalucia, Spain

Spain is currently undergoing a silent wine revolution. Little known areas and grape varieties are starting to catch the attention of wine experts.

Come to Andalucia for a week of wine-tasting and winery visits and you'll see that there is much more to Spanish wine than the famous Rioja appellation and its Tempranillo grape. Andalucian wines are becoming increasingly valued and highly rated by wine critics and enthusiasts with a growing number of boutique wineries producing exciting, award-winning wines. The emphasis is on small quantities and high quality, with "terroir" wines made not for supermarkets but for wine lovers who are looking for difference, quality and the stories behind the wine.

Your home for the week will be the best-reviewed quality guest house in the Alpujarra - a stunning and unspoilt part of Andalucia. The area is as removed as could be from the "big worlds" of Spanish wine including Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Rueda. Interestingly, the Alpujarra's vineyards, at the highest altitudes in Europe, its slate soils and a new, pioneering generation of professional wine-makers provide a fantastic setting to explore the region's unique and high quality Mediterranean mountain wines.

Your guide will be Tom Goetz, a wine blogger, food author and publisher who lives in the Alpujarra. Over the past 13 years he has released 28 books on food, beverages, culture and travel as publisher, author or editor. He is known as an expert on Spanish wines and particularly the wines from Granada and Málaga provinces.

This 6-night holiday takes place either during the spring or the harvesting season and includes 3 days of visits to vineyards and wineries and 2 days in and around the guest house with three professional wine tastings led by Tom Goetz, plus local trips. The wine tastings introduce red and white wines from all over Spain, then progress to Andalucia, sampling red, white, sparkling and rose wines. A final tasting is devoted solely to wines from the Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada. In addition, dinners at the Casa will explore food and wine pairings.

Over three days, we’ll visit at least four quality wineries in the Alpujarra-Contraviesa, Sierra de los Guájares and Granada area. As well as tasting the wines we’ll meet the producers themselves and understand their philosophies of wine-making. And last but not least, we’ll have a guided tour in the historic city of Granada followed by a wine and tapas tour.

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At our Casa we try to be as adaptable as possible and do our best to accommodate all guests. Please just let us know of your specific needs and we will do what we can to help the trip go as smoothly as possible
Deaf and limited hearing:
Guests with limited or no hearing are very welcome here and we are on hand to assist.
'Free from' food:
At our Casa we want all our guests to enjoy the fresh, delicious meals prepared in our kitchen. As a matter of course we offer vegetarian and vegan meals . We’re also happy to prepare coeliac meals and to cater for those with gluten, wheat, dairy and seafood intolerances, nut and other allergies.
Everybody is welcome at our Casa, irrespective of age, race and gender. LGBT travellers can enjoy the tranquillity of this place, the scenery, the walks, and the villages without any concerns.

Responsible tourism

Wine holidays in Andalucia, Spain

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


Our Casa is a 400-year-old historic building which has been converted to a guest house in the village of Ferreirola in the Alpujarra of Andalucia. In developing our business in the Alpujarra our first priority was to provide low-impact, sustainable and environmentally conscious tourism.

Our activities are low impact: we accommodate groups of no more than 14 people. We organise holidays which do not negatively impact on the local environment. We always use designated footpaths for example, do not pick wildflowers, do not leave litter and do not cause any damage.
We also run a creative writing programme which also does not impact negatively on the local environment.

Environmentally conscious tourism:
Water: water is a precious commodity in this area, which is prone to drought from time to time. We minimise water use with dual flush loos, showers rather than baths, and we have a drip system for our garden watering.

Energy saving: we use low-energy light bulbs throughout the house and our outside lights are on timers.

NO to plastic! we recycle our plastic waste. We regularly encourage our local shops and market traders not to use plastic bags, but to encourage shoppers to bring their own. We encourage our guests to fill their water bottles from a natural spring nearby rather than buying plastic bottles of water.
Recycling: as well as recycling our plastic, we also recycle our paper, cardboard and glass items.
Shopping: we buy produce and supplies locally and when possible, we buy organic food and non-polluting cleaning products.


Our activities are beneficial to both the local community and the environment.

The local community: members of the local community participate in and benefit from our business. We are the major employer in our village (population 28), employing three local people at the Casa. We provide economic benefits to local businesses including bars, restaurants, shops, the local laundry and the local bus company, as well as local people involved in the building industry including plumbers, electricians, carpenters and builders.

Our premises: we restored a historic building that had fallen into ruin with great care and sensitivity, rather than bulldozing the site and erecting new, high-rise buildings. Our part of the Alpujarra is a conservation area so we maintained the traditional building style and used traditional materials such as chestnut beams and launa for the roof.

Protecting the local environment: We are fortunate to be located in a Parque Natural conservation area. However, it is also an area which has suffered and continues to experience minimal economic development. Through our business we are demonstrating that sustainable tourism brings significant economic benefit to the area, and we argue that for tourism to flourish here, the unique rural environment that is the Alpujarra must be preserved and protected.

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