Indonesia volunteering with traditional Balinese culture

“Delve into the world of Balinese dance and music in an effort to preserve the love of culture in local children and young people on this month-long volunteering trip.”


Work in a library in Ubud | teach language lessons | organise reading events | play gamelan music | learn Balinese dancing

Description of Indonesia volunteering with traditional Balinese culture

This volunteering trip to Bali places you in a library in Ubud that’s home to over 30,000 books – along with a wealth of learning opportunities for its community.

You’ll join an informal educational project that lays on intensive lessons in Balinese dance and gamelan music, learning and playing alongside local people who are passionate about preserving their craft. Help the library by organising after-school reading events and teaching English (or your native language) in an informal setting.

Throughout this Bali cultural volunteering trip, you’ll stay in modest housing in the library – a great opportunity to meet the community you’re helping. You’ll also get a full-day orientation and a Bahasa Indonesia language lesson. Immersing yourself in Balinese culture goes beyond volunteering, too. You can participate in local traditions, such as making offerings, visiting temples and exploring markets to learn the history and mythology behind the artwork there. And all against the backdrop of beaches and rainforests that Bali is famous for.

Please note that you’ll need to be at least 18 years old to participate in this project and are required to go through a background check beforehand. This trip has been screened by our guidelines for volunteering with children.
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2019: 1 Aug, 1 Sep

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Responsible tourism: Indonesia volunteering with traditional Balinese culture


Our complex used to be the family home of the community’s founders, and our refurbishments have stayed true to the Balinese traditional architecture. Our culture strongly emphasizes the importance of taking care of our surrounding nature and environment, and in maintaining that value, we do our best to use bio-degradable materials from local suppliers and try to minimize the construction waste by recycling its waste for future reuse (if possible) or utilizing it for arts and crafts.

Our community sits in the heart of Ubud, which boasts art galleries, traditional markets, and modern boutiques under the shade of lush trees. The sacred monkey forest is a mere stone’s throw away from our learning center. We strongly encourage our volunteers to commute by bicycle or on foot, as the view are remarkable.

We try to minimize our carbon footprints by avoiding the use of cars unless absolutely necessary. The Ubud streets are rather small and cars are simply impractical, given our lack of parking space and that the town square our community usually performs is within walking distance.


Bali is internationally known for its tourism, and many of our friends, neighbors, and family work in that field. However, due to the increase of chain businesses, those who run their own establishments are struggling to get by. Therefore, we actively support and work with local businesses in our community.

We promote local transportation and excursion services on a booth in front of our library hut, or other businesses in our message board. We are more than happy to assist you for an unforgettable experience in this island!

Our classes and workshops employ local teachers who have great skills and passion in their field to share with others. This platform allows them to keep creating and pursuing their arts for a living. Moreover, the local students of these classes are also occasionally hired to perform in various events, providing them with an additional source of income.

Our community sits in the cultural hub of the island, and we are fortunate to have many opportunities to promote our culture to domestic and international tourists alike. Our regular participants in the traditional music and dance classes regularly perform in the local town square and are often invited to local schools and cultural events.

The library and learning center now features a healthy food café, which is run by local cooks. This café, which serves local cuisine without preservatives as well as refreshing local fruit-based beverages, combines the traditional culinary with the modern taste.

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