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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Ecuador rainforest tour


Our Rainforest Ecuador has a heavy focus on rainforest conservation and responsible, sustainable agriculture particularly through permaculture in this region. Our Quito hotel partner is on a permaculture farm, a sustainable form of agriculture that both preserves and heals the land. Fresh, healthy meals are served from produce right on the property. Our eco-lodge in the Amazon prioritizes rain water systems, solar panels for heated hot water, and local, fresh cuisine. Additionally, both the eco-lodge and our community partner work with the local government to further national park preservation and conservation. Our local guides have the proper licensing and training to lead plant and wildlife focused walks through the forest while working to conserve it.

On all of our trips, we focus on reduction of plastic and make sure that water jugs are available for refilling personal reusable water bottles. In the event of waste, recycle and composting, we direct client to the appropriate bins and disposal method.

While we recognize that the included domestic flights are not the most environmentally friendly way to travel, we included them with intention. The distance between Quito and the rainforest is fairly far, and the mountain roads can be quite dangerous. We wanted to bring you to the edge of the rainforest in the safest, quickest way possible.


Our Rainforest Ecuador trip works directly with locally-owned and run operations. Our Quito accommodations are small and family-run, owned by two sisters who live on the property.

Our local tour guide is from the Sani Isla community in the part of the Amazon that we visit. He is trilingual and trained as an official tour guide in Ecuador, which allows him to bring more income into the community as well as awareness of rainforest and cultural conservation. We believe that a sound understanding of the local culture and community is essential to a transformative travel experience, and there is no better way to get that than from hearing through the stories of a local.

We also engage in a community partner activity with the local women's lodge. We'll have a several hour excursion to see their permaculture farm, learn about the crops they grow, then cook together to make a traditional Amazon dish along side fresh coffee and cacao. We'll also do a crafting activity with them made straight from plants and seeds from the forest. 5% of trip sales are donated to the NGO partner.

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