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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Israel tailor made tour


We aim to limit our environmental impact as much as possible. We try to reduce waste and pollution while recycling, repairing and reusing what we can, both on our tours and at our administrative office.

We follow the rules and regulations of the National Parks in Israel and will always give you the best advice on best practices while there. We do this by pointing out where you can dispose your trash, whether you can speak out loud or keep it quiet, the trails you should walk on and a complete overview of the place you are visiting. This is so that you can learn the best practices on how to behave and how to respect the place you are visiting. Whenever meeting local communities and residents, our guides will provide you with the best practices on how to interact with them and respect their homes and leave it as clean as possible.

As native-born Israeli citizens, we care deeply about the land and the environment. We are committed to the highest standard of environment protection.
Our responsible travel policy gives our travelers the opportunity to learn the best practices on how to respect and care for the environment during their trip. For example, we will ask you to bring your own water bottles and fill them whenever possible to use as few plastic bottles and plastic overall.

Whenever possible, we are choosing Eco-Friendly vehicles and are encouraging our travelers to choose walking tours rather than vehicle led tours.
Our guides and team will be there with you to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

We know our wildlife and we are committed to conserving it and encourage our travelers to follow our lead.


When you travel with us you can be sure that because of your trip in Israel, you made a real difference in the lives of many. On each and every tour, we connect you to our local partners and organizations which engage you activities and visits that are supporting them both financially and socially. Below are a few examples of the difference with us:

On one tour, instead of visiting a regular winery, we will take you to an award-winning winery that employs people with special needs.

On another tour, you will enjoy activities through a tourism project we are supporting- Shared Paths. Shared Paths is a joint platform of Jewish and Arab entrepreneurs working together to develop social change through tourism, you will enjoy your morning coffee at a center that employs people with special needs all while supporting the organization. Your regular trip will become more meaningful.

We also have a 2% donation at the end of your trip will give you the chance to witness the change we make through your trip: We partner with 6 different organizations in Israel and are offering you the option to choose where would you like our donation from your trip to go to. Each of those organizations is supporting a social causes in Israel such as the LGBTQ community, people with special needs, youth in danger, co-existence in Israel and more. We have already donated a lot of money to different organizations and are hoping to continue to support social causes in Israel through our tourism model. We believe this model of tourism is the future of the industry not only in Israel, but globally.

We provide direct benefits to the organizations and communities our travelers visit, which assist in improving the living conditions in the locations. We work with local suppliers, employ local guides, source food from locally-owned stores and eating and drinking in local bars and restaurants. In doing so, we are not only investing in local communities but also offering our travelers a genuine insight into Israel and its people.

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