Galapagos cruise options, tailor made

Description of Galapagos cruise options, tailor made

A visit to the Galapagos is one of the world's greatest wildlife experiences and there are plenty of Galapagos cruise options, fully tailor made, to choose from. Explore this unique environment, an archipelago right on the equator, 600 miles west of the Ecuadorian coast, where a remarkable range of life exists with absolutely no fear of man.

Some of the famed inhabitants of the islands include the blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, flightless cormorants, the Galapagos waved albatross, sea lions and fur seals, land iguanas and marine iguanas (the only sea-going lizard in the world), and of course the giant Galapagos tortoise. The islands are all very different and they each have specific landing sites and visitor sites. The nature trails are carefully marked out to avoid disrupting the wildlife, and we follow these accompanied by our expert on-board naturalist guide.

Exact itineraries depend on the yacht you choose, but as well as the land trails, you will also have an opportunity to go swimming and snorkelling, perhaps even being joined by sea lions!

Much of the longer distances are covered at night, ensuring that your time visiting the islands is put to the best use.

- The most comprehensive range of Galapagos yachts and cruise ships of any UK tour operator.

- From a tall ship (16 passengers), to elegant motor cruisers (12-30 passengers), to larger expedition vessels (48-100 people).

- We can recommend 'Smart Voyager' certified boats which help conserve the islands.

- Choice of itineraries, with lots of information such as deck plans, and photos and details of cabins.

- We can add any tailor made services for you before or after your cruise. Perhaps on the islands, on mainland Ecuador, or even in Peru, Chile or Costa Rica.

- If cruising is not for you, we can arrange Galapagos island hopping or you can stay in a hotel on one of the islands and take day trips.

- We can offer charters for private groups.

- Diving liveaboards or day diving excursions are also available.

A sample itinerary for a Galapagos cruise aboard the Beagle is listed below. This, and most yachts, have two itineraries on offer. Please ask us for specific details.
Images show the Mary Anne (tall ship) and the Grace, as well as the Beagle.

Day-by-day experiences

Day 1:You will fly to Baltra, then meet The Beagle at the harbour to start your cruise. First stop is Santa Cruz where you will visit the Charles Darwin Research Station.
Day 2:A day on Floreana Island where you can see a fresh water spring, an underwater lava cone (Devil's Crown) and a tortoise enclosure before a trek to Punta Cormorant to see flamingos at a salt water lagoon.
Day 3:Today you will be on Espanola, in the south of the archipelago, with its rich bird population.
Day 4:From Punta Pitt on San Cristobal you will trek to a high plateau. Later on, from the comfort of Beagle's deck you can enjoy the views of Kicker Rock on the way to Isla Lobos.
Day 5:The cruise continues to Santa Fe where you can enjoy some swimming and snorkelling and in the afternoon you will reach South Plaza.
Day 6:From the sea lion covered shore on North Seymour you will trek inland to discover the local wildlife. In the afternoon you will see Bartolome - an iconic view.
Day 7: Sombrero Chino is the destination this morning, followed by an afternoon walk on Santa Cruz.
Day 8:After a morning panga ride amidst the mangroves at Black Turtle Cove, you will be transferred back to the airport for your return flight to the mainland.

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Responsible tourism

Galapagos cruise options, tailor made

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


The Galapagos Islands are a very fragile and unique environment. It is a strange concept but were it not for the value of tourism in this area the islands would undoubtedly have been allowed to be plundered and destroyed decades ago.

By supporting responsible tourism in this sensitive area we are actively contributing to the massive conservation task. There is a National Parks tax of $100 per person which goes directly to the islands conservation initiatives. But most importantly, we work with a number of boats that are Ecuadorian owned and whose owners can demonstrate a positive ecological and social responsibility policy. This encompasses the broader issues of the human population on the islands as well as the more obvious wildlife conservation.

We were voted most responsible tour operator by UK NGO Tourism Concern. On average 75% of the cost of your trip with us - excluding flights - remains in the destination.

For every person that travels with the company, it plants trees through The Travel Forest initiative. Depending on where they plant and the requirement of the specific area, they plant either indigenous trees or a mix of indigenous and non-native species. Planting non-native seedlings may seem counter-intuitive but doing this can often help any remaining indigenous forest from being cut down (e.g. for fuel) as some non-native trees grow much more quickly than indigenous types. They particularly aim to save ancient or older indigenous forest, through offering an alternative option for fuel requirements of local communities. In addition to this benefit, their Travel Forest initiative helps with such things as planting for water-course retention, soil erosion, shade and even food all depending on what is planted and where. They have planted almost 100,000 trees to date in various degraded locations including the Andean mountains in Peru, northern Tanzania and Malawi. This has always been done in conjunction with the local communities who plant and then tend the seedlings. Trees are far more important to the health of this planet (and us) than many people imagine. This global Travel Forest initiative can and does make a big difference.


In Quito and San Jose as well as elsewhere, we always encourage and advise visitors to try local restaurants, and buy locally made products.

The company offering this trip works with partners on the ground in each destination, and only uses local guides. They also primarily promote locally-owned services (hotels etc). They are very clear which accommodations have good environmental and social responsibility credentials. This information is used to ensure that any traveller wanting to ensure they are really making a difference, can choose between one property and another on eco-issues.

The also back a charity with funds and administration. This is a registered UK charity whose principle aim is to relieve the poverty of indigenous communities in areas outside of the UK which are affected by tourism. The charity backs poverty alleviation, education, cultural preservation and conservation projects within these regions. It has backed schools, clinics, micro-business projects and more. They are currently raising funds for 9 different grassroots projects in nine different counties, which travellers are encouraged to donate to if they would like to give something back.

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