Mekong river cruise in South East Asia

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

The Mekong river is of a high importance to us and therefore, we are striving to minimize our negative impact on both the river and its surroundings as much as possible. We are fortunate to explore these river banks and get to know more about the culture and history of Laos and Thailand, the only thing we can do to give back to the locals is to be socially-responsible and take good care of Laos and Thailand.


Apart from the fact that our suppliers are highly sustainable, the boat company strives to maintain and enhance the preservation and conservation of local communities and wildlife. We are visiting tribal villages to invest in their products and show you how they life to get a better insight into the culture. Additionally, this tour does not include any activities related to capturing or keeping animals against their will and against the Responsible Travel policies. During the visit to the Pak Ou Caves and the Elephant camps, the well-being of the elephants is of a great importance to us. Therefore, we can ensure you there will not be any elephant rides. These beautiful creatures will come to the river side where you will be able to feed them after which they will take a bath.

We do not visit any elephant camps. At Pak Ou Caves the mahouts bring their elephants to the river to wash the elephants. Passangers are allowed to help wash the elephants but under no circumstances are they allowed to ride them.

Waste Management

The waste of plastic straws and bottles is firmly reduced by the initiative of replacing plastic water bottles for aluminium bottles which can be refilled at water coolers placed in different spots on the ships. Additionally, you will be able to bring this home with you as a souvenir reminding you of your trip and allowing you to continue using it for other travels which will further cut the plastic pollution on the ship. Moreover, there is draft beer available on board to cut out the garbage of cans which reduces the negative impact on the environment.

Additionally, all the gray water from the toilets, showers and other water facilities will be stored in a tank on the ship to prevent the river from being polluted. This tank will be emptied on shore in a sustainable way, not affecting the river and its surroundings in a negative way. Not only do we handle gray water in a sustainable way, we also have a RO water treatment on the ship, filtering drinking water for the passengers on board.

Furthermore, new trip books have been designed containing detailed itineraries, background information on the history, culture and geography of the river stops. This results in us no longer running the laser printers daily for the use of itineraries and fact sheets which will have a positive effect on the environment.


During the cruise, you are able to do some self-exploration at each stop by taking the high quality mountain bikes and go for a ride. This is a low impact way of exploring and might be even more fun! For the onshore excursions, we manage to keep the use of cars and busses as low as possible to keep our negative impact to a minimum. Additionally, the staff onboard advises on great hiking and cycling routes.

The Impacts of this Trip

The small cruise ship company which operates your boat has been giving something back to Burma by establishing 7 clinics in rural locations around pagan which are providing the locals with around 5,000 free treatments a month, it is very clear they care about the community and strive to enhance their living environment, healthcare and education. Twelve primary schools have been built on remote islands to educate the younger children. The giving-back factor to Burma keeps on growing as they are setting up a library in Angkor Ban village in Cambodia where guests of the Laos Mekong cruise are able to donate school stationary and English language books to during their visit.

With each booking, you will contribute to the clinics, schools and other projects of the boat company to enhance the life of the locals.

Travelling with respect, local crafts and culture:
We are striving to create a connection between you and your surroundings, that is why we are introducing the local cuisine on the cruise ship, have cultural performances to let you have a look into the traditions of Laos and Thailand, and host themed movie nights. On the Laos Mekong cruise, local villagers from Laos will perform a traditional dance on deck and there are a range of cultural and educational onboard activities; such as, cooking demonstrations, fruit carving and a tour of the working ship. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to pay a visit to local markets with the Head Chef of the cruise at least once during the cruise programme introducing you to the local and fresh flavours of Laos and Thailand. Here, you are able to give back to the community by purchasing local products and souvenirs. Talking about the community, our recommendations for restaurants or places to visit will always be local to enhance their economy.

Additionally, we want to give back to the community and give them the opportunity to get involved in this cruise where they can share stories and experiences with the passengers. Therefore, we can proudly say that the crew onboard is local just as the guides during the excursions are. This will not only create a unique experience with their expertise, but will also enhance the quality.


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