Inca Trail extension holiday

Six day holiday extension to allow travellers to trek either the classic Inca Trail over four days or the lesser-known, but equally breath taking, Quarry Trail over three days. Both trails complete with sunrise over Machu Picchu.
Cusco Choice of Quarry Trail (26km) or Inca Trail (43km) Local trekking guides and porters Double tents and inflatable camping mats Sunrise over Machu Picchu
£795To£1590£875excluding flights
6 Days
Small group
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Description of Inca Trail extension holiday

This extension holiday is ideal for travellers wishing to undertake the classic Inca Trail or the lesser-used Inca Quarry Trail. The Inca Trail takes four days to trek whereas the Quarry Trail takes three days before a bus ride and train trip to Aguas Calientes. Both are equally as memorable and challenging but you’ll get far fewer crowds on the Quarry Trail and it’s 17km shorter than the 43km Inca Trail.

Whichever trail you choose you’ll meet your fellow trekkers and travel representative in Cusco from where you’ll be invited to see the sights as well get further acclimatised to the Andean altitude. Cusco is such a lovely location from where to get your bearings with peeling colonial paintwork and crumbling Inca architecture all adding to the Latin American vibrancy and backpacker buzz of getting ever closer to Machu Picchu.

An early start signals the start of the trek as you meet your local trekking guides and tireless porters who will accompany you on either the Quarry or the Inca trail to one of the world’s most endearing ancient citadels. Watching the sun rise over Machu Picchu is such an unforgettable moment and no matter which way you made it to the Inca ruins, this is an experience that never fails to excite and enthral in equal measures.


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£795To£1590£875excluding flights
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