Croatia island hopping holiday

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Responsible tourism

Croatia island hopping holiday

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.

Elite Travel is comitted to undertake all necessary steps to minimize our impact to the environment and the neighbourhood. We don΄t produce gases that affect ozon layer and take reasonable efforts to minimize noise and light polution. We don΄t produce neither erosion or humidity polution nor air or water contamination from our buildings. Within the scope of our Operations we undertake all reasonable efforts to minimize our impact to nature by creating sustainable travel programs, using appropriate procedures and improving technology standards to lower gas emissions.
The highest negative impact we generate is coming from paper consumption and CO2 emissions by operations of our suppliers, therefore our efforts are focused, not only, but to a significant extent in reduction of this two sources.
We purchase energy from public suppliers. Solar or other alternative source of energy is not an option at the moment because of the technical reasons. Rare and short supply interruptions (less than 3 hours per year) doesn΄t prove this investment viability. Electricity consumption is not exactly measured because we are located in the shared ownership buildings. We are charged proportionally, but amount does not differ since 2001. We spend electricity only for office operations.
Elite Travel greenhouse emissions are limited to the emissions from office operations and staff related travel. Despite the fact that it is not yet a legal obligation in Croatia, Elite Travel calculates our staff related travel emissions with intent to compensate emissions by funding sustainable improvement projects of our suppliers (Elite RBC). Among the first investments we have decided to invest offset amount in financing the transfer of bus operators to more ecologically efficient types of engines.
Elite Travel is committted to the substitution of all agressive and eco-unfriendly products with more environmentally friendly solutions. We have completely abandoned the use of chemical cleaning agents for the benefit of ecologically acceptable cleansers from bio-production. We use only cleaning materials for office and toilete maintenance. Dangerous or agressive materials and liquids are not in use, except for ordinary use of office equipment (ink, toners, batteries etc.). In 2018 we disposed 625 kg of technical waste which contain chemicals or other agressive materials.


We are proud to announce that we are the first travel agency in Croatia that meets the standards of socially responsible and sustainable business and received the TRAVELIFE CERTIFIED certificate!

We ask our guests not to feed, fish, hunt and disturb animals (especially in national parks). While walking around National Parks our guides always explain the rules of behaviour. While walking around the park we are always using marked paths as we don't want to cause any damages to flora and fauna.

Our guides encourage the guests not to buy bottles of water but to refill ones they already have.

We encourage our guests to buy local food and to eat in local restaurants (helping the local people to build their business after the war).

On this trip we use small family owned hotels, and not "big chain" hotels. We especially promote small family hotels in rural areas to help aid their development and agritourism and promote traditional agriculture, gastronomy and heritage preservation.

We pay a lot of attention to office recycling:
- Duplex printing
- Investing in good bins and labelling
- Have a recycling awareness day
- Turning off our computers when we are going home

We will continue to develop our waste management policy, incorporating the three principles of reducing, reusing and recycling and we will strive to improve our environmental performance by expanding the range of current environmental initiatives.

Sustainable tourism is our goal and we proud to have managers with this certificate. Learning about the impacts of tourism has led many people to seek more responsible holidays and we are here to provide them with this. Take only pictures, steal only time, leave only footprints.


We encourage sustainable tourism within our country and beyond, so we hire local people throughout (managers, guides, drivers etc.) and local people are able to benefit from our guests. We employ over 75 enthusiastic and well-experienced local tourism personnel.

By booking this tour you bring much needed income to the people who are still recovering from the war-torn years as this was the area severely affected by war.

Our guides are locals and know their area best. This tour ensures that the local people benefit as much as possible in the form of jobs (we employ local drivers etc. in addition to guides)

We encourage our guests to buy local food and to eat in local restaurants (helping the local people to build their business after the war). As per itinerary we visit local households and small local wineries, helping local people to grow their business.

Our visits to National Parks will help preserve them by putting a little funding directly into their budget.

Our aim is to help our community as much as we can as we are based in small town where everybody knows our name. We are proud of being a part of every charity event in Dubrovnik and around.

Every month we donate money to charity (we pick one cause every month) and all employees give 3 euros (per person) to that cause.

We further support local community by providing vehicles and boats for schools and kindergartens – their day trips in nature (promoting outdoor way of life). We also support eco organisation Eko Omblici, Lions Club, swimming club “JUG”, National Park Krka and Dva skalina association (for children with special needs).

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