Arctic sailing holiday, Svalbard

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Arctic sailing holiday, Svalbard

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


This is a 5 day sailing trip that uses minimal if any petrol to cruise the vast fjords of Svalbard, instead, using wind power to guide us through the fjords. During our silent days sailing the sea to view endangered wildlife, we try the best we can to remain an inconspicuous part of the environment, so as not to disturb the wildlife.

This trip offers an intimate interaction with Norwegian nature while minimizing your CO2 impact. Choosing a mode of travel that reduced CO2 is a responsible and traditional way to explore the ocean and Svalbard without damaging the ecosystem. The wildlife that call Svalbard home are endangered. The change in climate is harming their ecosystems and health. This trip uses natures power (the wind and water) to allow us to visit this beautiful landscape without harming it.

We have founded a non-profit called the Cairn Foundation. This foundation supports locals in remote locations within Africa and Nepal. It also contributes to planting trees around the world to help offset our carbon emissions. Any guest joining our trips will have the option to donate 1 dollar a day, or simply support a company that gives back to communities locally and globally.

In Norway, we are partnered with trail care organizations in Norway to ensure we are giving back to the land that we use while on our own two feet. As tourism in Norway increases, it is our responsibility to make sure travelers learn about their environment, respect nature, and minimize their impact. Trail maintenance to minimize impact and recover ecological health is imperative to keeping our nature healthy and educating users on Leave No Trace philosophy.


We are committed to setting an example of sustainable and eco-friendly tourism for the Norwegian industry, and making it competitive for other companies to meet our standards. We partner with small, family owned businesses and support local food, accommodations, and travel. Very few people live in Svalbard, and supporting the locals in turn supports the health of the community.

When this ship, the SV Linden, was first brought back to life to create sustainable sailing trips in Svalbard, the founder believed in the power of nature to heal and help those who need it. Some of the first crews were built from young people feeling a little lost in the world. With intensive interviews and an assurance of solid work ethic, the crews were put together by youth that need a second chance, and an experience in intimate nature that can help heal old wounds. This dedication to community gave many young men and women a second chance in the world, giving them skills, a supportive community, an escape from norms at home, and a new perspective on connection with nature. This boat has a history of helping those less fortunate, and building them up into strong and capable people. In a remote setting like Svalbard, the landscape offers people a chance to build themselves back up, and become functioning members of the world.

Norway is one of the leading countries in sustainable infrastructure, and we strive to match the progressive mentality of Norway with Norwegian holidays that reduce CO2 and focus on local partners. We want to show travelers the beauty of Svalbard, but in a way that is silent and non invasive to the communities of wildlife that inhabit there. Sailing along the coast using wind power is the perfect solution to exploring tradition, culture, Svalbard and attempt to view the endangered species present in this rare ecosystem.

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