Photography tour in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan

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30 Aug 2020
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Photography tour in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan


Travelling requires that we consume enough water to keep hydrated and healthy, especially in warmer regions, but in many cases this means having to buy bottled water. Our Leaders use bottles with filters that enable them to drink tap water, and even fill up from natural sources such as streams. The bottles we use are available from Water-to-Go and we’d encourage you purchase one – not only do they reduce the amount of plastic used, they pay for themselves after just a few days of travelling in the savings made by not purchasing bottled water. On our tours we endeavour to recycle or responsibly dispose of any plastic bottles we do use.

Photographing wildlife is highly rewarding, but sometimes the most spectacular creatures attract the most attention. We try to avoid wildlife parks where the animals are crowded by Jeeps and aim for more authentic encounters. We support several projects for protecting endangered species including Africa’s most endangered carnivore, the Ethiopian wolf.
On this tour we'll visit a number of wild places and communities. We'll be led by a local qualified guide.


People of different cultures often make great subjects for photos, but it’s very important that we are respectful and receive permission before photographing them. We always travel with a local guide who will bridge the culture gap and ensure that local sensitivities are considered. A study conducted by Surrey University concluded that photography has a positive effect on destinations by encouraging people to maintain their traditions, and as a source of income for people in poorer parts of the world in the form of tips.

We only use local infrastructures from local transport to hotels locally owned. We do not promote foreign hotel chains. A local agent is very important to us, we will be led by a driver and guide, both local. They will lead us through this tour to Kyrguzstan and Uzbekistan for the entire duration of the tour. We'll also visit several cultural groups. While we are keen to show our guests the best of the places we visit, we are also very much aware of sensitive cultures and we'll take all necessary action to behave respectfully, that's why it's key to have a local guide that can bridge the culture gap.

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