Antarctica ultimate expedition

Description of Antarctica ultimate expedition

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime on this epic expedition and immerse yourself in Antarctica’s extraordinary wildlife, breathtaking scenery and fascinating history. Featuring time in the Falklands, South Georgia, the South Shetlands and the Antarctic Peninsula (following the route of pioneering explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton), this is the ultimate Antarctic cruise itinerary.

Your three-week Antarctic expedition starts in Ushuaia, Argentina, where you'll have time to explore the southernmost city in the world and meet your expedition team for a briefing.

After joining your Antarctic cruise ship – the G Expedition - you’ll sail through the Beagle Channel, towards the Falkland Islands. Here, you’ll see incredible birdlife and you’ll visit a colony of around 400 king penguins, plus you’ll have an opportunity to see the many shipwrecks and hulks around the islands (more than 100 recorded), and other places of historic significance.

You’ll then continue sailing through the Southern Ocean to South Georgia, the site of Shackleton’s final resting place. South Georgia is the world’s most important penguin and seabird breeding area, with 30 million breeding birds, including seven million penguins and 250,000 albatrosses. It is also home to two million fur seals and 50% of the world's population of southern elephant seals.

From South Georgia, you’ll cruise through the historic Scotia Sea to the Antarctic Peninsula, where you’ll spend five magical days exploring the vast, white continent. You’ll have an opportunity for daily shore excursions to observe the extraordinary wildlife and incredible scenery, as well as adventure activities such as kayaking and camping overnight on the peninsula.

You’ll end your epic voyage with a cruise through the iconic Drake Passage, before returning to Ushuaia.

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Antarctica ultimate expedition


This Highlights of Antarctica Cruise is operated aboard a small ship and in a sustainable way, in line with standards from the International Association of Antarctic Operators (IAATO). The expedition cruise ship meets environmental regulations and protocols are adhered to in every destination visited. 4-stoke outboard engines are used on all Zodiacs, which use less fuel and produce less pollution.

Many of the talks and lectures provided by the ship’s team of experts focus on conservation and the environment, and you are encouraged to return home and share what you’ve learned with loved ones in order to spread the message on the importance of preserving the planet.

All visitors to Antarctica are bound by the Antarctic Treaty and the Protocol and must comply with environmental regulations. Visitors must never disturb the Antarctic wildlife. You cannot touch, feed or do anything to alter the behaviour of animals. Keep noise to a minimum and avoid flash photography. If you keep still and quiet, animals may approach you, however you must never interfere with them. Avoid damaging the unique plant-life. You’ll come across unique moss, lichen and herbs which can take decades to grow, so don’t damage or step on them.

Everyone must undergo rigorous decontamination procedures before stepping on land. Boats, shoes (you’ll be provided with special boots), clothing and equipment must be vacuumed and disinfected to avoid the introduction of new species to the delicate Antarctic ecosystems.


We're proud to be a provider of holidays focused on responsible travel, working with local suppliers who share our dedication to responsible tourism - echoing our values of having a positive impact on the environment, conservation and local communities.

All local guides mentioned in our itineraries are paid a fair wage, from the crew on your Antarctic cruise, to the team of experts on board, to the drivers used for your transfers.

Your Antarctica holiday also supports the Planeterra Foundation, which funds community projects and charities all over the world. At the end of your expedition, the Captain’s Sea Chart is auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the foundation.

We work solely with IAATO registered tour operators who are strongly committed to the preservation of the Antarctic region. All of our partner operators aim to instil a widened understanding of the region and to inspire you to become an environmental advocate for Antarctica.

We hope that all travellers will share their knowledge and experiences when they return home and continue to act as ambassadors for Antarctica. Furthermore, our partner operators donate profits to fund invaluable scientific research in Antarctica and also contribute to environmental charities who raise climate change awareness.

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