Lithuania to Poland cycling holiday

919 excluding flights
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9 Days
Small group
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From 4 - 21 people
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Single supplement - 250 eur. Prices per person.
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Description of Lithuania to Poland cycling holiday


Price information

919 excluding flights
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Single supplement - 250 eur. Prices per person.
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Small group cycling

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We aim to minimise water and atmospheric pollution from any specific tourism development we use.

All of our self-guided groups travel by bus or minibus, while rental bikes are transported in trailer (not by separated motorised vehicle). To decrease the air pollution, we choose to work with transport companies offering newer, energy-efficient vehicles.

- our individual tourists travel by minibus, while rental bikes are transported in trailer (not by separated motorised vehicle); but in case a few tourists are booked on this tour - they travel by a small minivan with special bike racks on a roof (no trailer). To decrease the air pollution, we choose to work with transport companies offering newer, energy-efficient vehicles, or we use our own transportation.

- our travel routes are designed in the way that a support vehicle is used in the most economical way (following tourists from the back in order there was no need to make driving back to pick up tourists who are tired or having problems) and we try to avoid using transport when it is possible, for example, when cycling on separate cycle trails along the Curonian Spit or during sightseeing tours in big cities like Gdansk - people go walking;

- our tour guides travel to the starting place and from the finish place of the tour using the same bus/minibus used for the tour or using ground public transport (buses or trains) instead of using flights;

Reducing waste: We aim to achieve zero litter policies everywhere. Therefore we encourage travellers to avoid disposable plastic and to recycle.

On this tour we recommend having lunches in local restaurants located in small towns and villages along the route.

We also recommend going off the beaten track, getting extraordinary travel experiences in the pristine nature and leaving it untouched afterwards.

Recycling and energy saving in the office: We run our head office in a responsible manner by using fair-trade products, monitoring, and where possible reducing, our energy usage, as well as recycling. We are strict about recycling in our office and garages. We have installed special garbage bins to sort out plastic, paper, glass/plastic bottles (deposit), metal and rubber tires. We challenge our staff old habits and encourage them to recycle printer cartridges and reduce printing (and reusing one-side used paper) and minimize all forms of waste. For example, our staff members are encouraged to drink locally collected herb teas and coffee from reusable cups instead of using plastic cups, and use water from big bottles refilled by a local company instead of buying small plastic bottles. Our staff members are encouraged to use public transport or bikes instead of private cars journeys for commuting and business travels. We even provide company bikes and e-bikes for this purpose, and promote this financially by supplying our employees with monthly public transport tickets or supplement to their salaries for commuting by bikes.

This is a biking tour so the majority of time is spent either on two wheels or two feet helping to keep the emissions produced on the trip down. We also eat locally produced wherever possible to keep food miles in check.

Sourcing locally grown or produced food (with lower food miles) - this tour is organised in agricultural countries, which produce a lot of local food products, especially in Lithuania and Poland; and for dinners we always choose menus including more locally grown products and traditional dishes.

Offering vegetarian/plant-based and low dairy foods (which reduce CO2 emissions). We always offer for dinners a vegetarian menu as an option. Tourists should inform us in advance about this choice that we could inform hotels and restaurants (in order not to waste food products if informed too late);

Reducing energy use in our office which is now established in energy efficient building: heating in winter is controlled depending to weather conditions; in summer we don't use air conditioning - instead we use horizontal blinds to close windows from outside; low energy bulbs, etc

Hiring local city guides in Kaliningrad and Gdansk in order to reduce international travel;


On this tour we employ local drivers from Lithuania, who live and know her/his own country and neighbouring countries; and who live close to the starting/finishing place of the tour;

On this trip we also hire local guides in big cities, for example, Kaliningrad in Russia and Gdansk in Poland, who support our tour leaders with their local knowledge,

On this tour we prefer accommodating our guests at local hotels rather than in international chain hotels. For example: NERIJA Hotel in Nida (Lithuania), KOPERNIK Hotel in Frombork (Poland) and etc.

We offer locally produced food, for example, where it is possible our staff or tour leaders organise picnic meals served by local people in their homesteads, and in general support the travellers' interest in the local cultures;

On self-guided supported tours we recommend visiting museums and galleries of local handicrafts with preference to small family owned places and with strong emphasies to local production;

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