Yangshuo and Hong Kong photography tour

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Responsible tourism

Yangshuo and Hong Kong photography tour

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


We incorporate as much walking, trekking and bicycle riding as possible on our trips and we favour the hire of electric vehicles wherever possible, to travel to and from our day trip photography destinations.

As photographers of many genres including street photography, nature and wildlife, we only work with whatís presented to us and we highly discourage any intrusive interaction with people or animals to provoke a reaction, which we consider an unethical and unfair practice. We guide our students to adopt the same policy.

We believe that by photographing and sharing the beauty of these areas with like-minded responsible travellers, as well as working as much as we can with local communities, families and suppliers we will continue to raise international awareness and promote responsible travel.

We only run a couple of photography tours each year and we have a maximum group size of 10, thus keeping the environmental impact of international flights to a minimum. We donít include international flights in our package to allow participants all over the world to make the best and most cost and environmentally effective travel arrangements for themselves (e.g. combining with other trips planned in the same area).

Whilst traveling we encourage our participants to bring their own reusable water bottles and cloth shopping bags for any market shopping and we provide them with one of our own branded reusable travel mugs for any hot or cold beverages.


We purchase our gifts and souvenirs from family businesses, local markets as well as organised local charities promoting welfare of local residents and we never haggle! While doing so, we are very mindful not to inadvertently encourage child labour, as we believe all children should be in schools, not selling on the streets, as hard as the realities on the ground may be. We encourage our photography tour participants to adopt the same practices. This is embedded in our tour structure where we aim to stay and eat local, visit local markets and stay in family-run accommodation.

We actively encourage staying, eating and shopping local, and not using international chains in as much as possible, and we try to arrange all accommodation, travel and meals accordingly and directly at source to maximise value for both our customers and local providers.

Our Yangshuo China and Hong Kong trip includes UNESCO world heritage sites and we believe that us contributing to the local economy by using independent suppliers contributes to their preservation and maintenance.

While encouraging our customers to be creative and always seek new points of view and ways of creating images, we actively discourage practicing photography that is too intrusive to either people, nature and wildlife, or which depicts social situations in a way that is derogative, insensitive or offensive.

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