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Bolivia, Chile
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US $2452ToUS $6269 including domestic flights only
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Bolivia encompasses two of the South America’s biggest draws: the Andes and the Amazon. The highlands are the brutal crown, capped with blinding salt,...

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As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


This trip reaches remote and beautiful locations: the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna Reserve, Sajama National Park, Lauca National Park (Chile), and the Uyuni Salt Flat, all located in the remote corners of the High Andes or Altiplano of Bolivia and Chile, a region that contains an impressive set of rare ecosystems, home of the Andean Condor, three flamingo species, Puma, Lesser Rhea, Guanaco, Andean Deer, among other spectacular wildlife species that live in minimal and extreme ecosystems, a distinctive geographic realm dominated by a range of dormant volcanoes, snow peaks above 5000 m, rare bogs and wetlands in endless dry puna grasslands, where colorful hyper saline lagoons and several salt flats including Uyuni, the largest in the world, are found. The Altiplano region is presently inhabited by llama and alpaca breeders and small scale quinua farmers. This region is being threatened with the increment of medium and large-scale open mining operations in search of silver, copper and lithium, all producing harmful environmental impacts, mostly in precious pure water sources and fine wetlands.

We work with third parties committed to reduce solid waste, save water and energy as part of their services but also interested in implementing sustainable and responsible tourism to safeguard nature and also their rich cultural heritage. Most rural communities are inhabited by Quechua and Aymara people that inherited customs, traditions, and knowledge from more than one pre-Columbian culture, including the Inca, Wari, Tihuanaco, and Aymara kingdomes. The open and high-altitude landscapes of the Altiplano were scenarios where ancient cultures domesticated miraculous crops such as potato, quinua, maca, also the llama and alpaca. Later complex societies in the Altiplano and the Andes were important for the foundation of the great Inca Empire. We believe that the best way to protect the wonders of the Altiplano Region is nature and photography tourism or wildlife sighting, which are by far the best low-impact approaches to help save an extraordinary and extremely fragile living landscapes in the High Andes, all very rich in biodiversity.


In the last four decades, tourism has slowly became one of the best employers in remote locations of South Bolivia and North Chile. Inhabitants from this still least inhabited part of South America, greatly depend on limited soil sources, scarce arable land and shallow wetlands, therefore, not able to practice other economies than llama and alpaca breeding in large extensions of the dry puna grasslands or produce seasonal crops such as quinua and potato. Our operations involve locals from several of this Altiplano communities, in charge of driving 4WDs that travel our clients through a remarkable landscape, also individuals who offer guiding and cooking services for our 3 or 4-day tours along the year. We have done this for over 23 years, securing jobs and making possible more sustainable economies that directly benefit individuals and their extended families. While visiting Sajama National Park, our travelers expend one or more nights in Tomarapi Ecologde, one of the two most successful examples of genuine ecotourism made by local communities in rural South America. Our services in Lauca National Park (Chile) are run by certified local guides and knowledgeable drivers, and also we get services from hotels and restaurants in Putre, a small town that also depends on international tourism.

Besides locals, we also work with other professionals in tourism, experienced birders, natural history guides, and conservationists like ourselves, then we can say our involvement is transcending the mere goal of profit as we became integral part of the new approach to help save the natural capital and support the medium and long-term effort to succeed in the implementation of sustainable tourism as an important economy in remote beautiful regions of the High Andes of Bolivia and Chile.

In the last decade, nature and cultural tourism have being slowly increasing, taking advantage on the current improvement of roads and small airstrips built by the aggressive mining industry. On the other hand, social network is now instantly exposing the beauty of the Altiplano landscape like no other times making this parts of Bolivia and Chile desirable for travelers. While working in tourism, we have seen positive changes, we have observed that more individuals involved, including women and young members of communities, also entire municipalities interested in investing in sound tourism. To close the circle, we consider that our clients or travelers are important actors in the process of making tourism a genuine tool to secure the present and future economic, social and environmental sustainability of rural inhabitants who still thrive to economically survive and make a living in one of the most harsh geographies in the world. Your participation as a travelers will make this possible.

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