Luxury vegan holiday in Vietnam

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2020: 25 Mar

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Luxury vegan holiday in Vietnam


We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. We are still a small boutique company who is still growing and figuring out everything, but we feel confident that we are going above and beyond to travel as consciously as possible.

We have a full debrief after each trip and consider all parties feedback to ensure that there is continual improvement in all of these areas.

Specific to this trip:

Waste: We do not provide single-use plastic water bottles to our travelers. Instead, we offer refills and water purification options in buses and hotels. We go to great lengths to not use other single-use plastic items like bags, containers and so on. We ask hotels to avoid using it in rooms etc. We give our clients zero waste kits to help them make zero waste decisions and these kits have been made from upcycled materials and biodegradable and/or upcycled materials. We offer opportunities for our travelers to help pick up trash in problem areas.

Wildlife: We stay at hotels that have not recently developed by encroaching on pristine areas. We support and visit organizations that protect not only wildlife, but all animals including beasts of burden, animals used in entertainment or food. We believe that a world of kindness to all living beings is possible and that travel experiences can be richer by holding ourselves to these higher standards. We visit organizations that help animals. Animals Asia is a sun and moon bear sanctuary that was created for survivors of the bear bile industry which exists in Vietnam. The sanctuary is open for visitors and supporters of the charity for educational purposes.


We try to employ local people as often we can. We believe these people are the ones that know the area the best and can give our travelers local interaction. This is throughout the trip process from guides to drivers and so on. We have local people on the ground and we also try to make sure that we avoid big corporations and brands and try to stay at locally owned places if such a choice is available at our standard.

We know we have an impact on the communities we visit and we know that an impact can be positive or negative. We try our best to visit projects that are benefitting people that are directly impacted and indirectly from tourism.

Specific to this trip:

Campaigning for change: We work with non-vegan hotels and restaurants to help them create incredible vegan menus for our clients and of course helping them understand what vegan means. This work has positive impacts after we leave with many of our operators adding vegan items to their menus. We also encourage them to not use single-use plastic by asking them to replace plastic bottles in the room with glass ones. We ask them to remove overt displays of animal products when possible and practical, for example, leather couches or the coffee table book promoting elephant riding.

Volunteering and charity: We visit plenty of organizations on our trips and always add a large donation on top of the possible minimum that is asked of us.

Friends and Neighbours: We visit KOTO for a meal. This restaurant is also a training centre, giving at-risk and disadvantaged youth the possibility to learn and thrive in their lives by teaching them food & beverage hospitality skills. Many of the graduates go on to great jobs in Vietnam's top hotels and restaurants, and some have even gone to work abroad! It's an amazing local non-profit organization

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