Cuba group tours, 8 days

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Responsible tourism

Cuba group tours, 8 days

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


Animal Welfare:
We promote the welfare of animals in the following ways:
- Many of our tours include excursions where clients can observe or interact with wildlife, either in national parks that offer areas where the animals are protected from poaching or hunting, or at dedicated conservation centres that aim to protect and rehabilitate endangered animals for release back into the wild.

- We are highly selective of local partners and approaches only those who share our commitment to the promotion of animal welfare. We are committed to assessing and monitoring animal welfare throughout our supply chain.

- An extremely important part of animal welfare is working with animal owners and to encourage better standards of welfare. We recognise that our animal welfare policy can have a huge impact on both the animals and those dependent on them for an income. We therefore remain committed to providing our suppliers with guidelines for animal welfare and discussing ways to make sure they adhere to these guidelines.

- We do not include opportunities to ride on wild animals.

Building and historic sites:
- Many of our tours offer opportunities to visit ancient places such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites where our entrance fees contribute to the maintenance and restoration of these unique places. We asksthat travellers respect signage, take only photographs and leave no litter or graffiti behind, even if others have done so. Do not attempt to bring home any rocks or stones or other souvenirs of the location and don't purchase such items from vendors as this can encourage the ongoing destruction of local areas of interest.

- Staff are asked not to wash dishes under running taps, plug the sink instead
- Water savers are installed in our toilets
- We try to purchase environmentally-friendly biodegradable cleaning products where possible in order to reduce pollution
- We are careful not to flush non-human waste (apart from paper) down the toilets


For over 3 years we have consistently supported the Cuban community and impacted directly the local economy. We ensure that the money generated by our customer travelling goes directly to those locals who provide the services (local guides, accommodation hosts, transport drivers, etc) in order to make a lasting difference to the local communities that we visit. This helps the local economy as we pay directly to local businesses to provide communities with an immediate economic benefit.

We ensure that local economies benefit from our business by using locally and private owned accommodation and transport, employing local people as specialist guides, working with local operators and suppliers, sourcing food from locally-owned stores and eating and drinking in local bars and restaurants. In doing so, we are not only investing in local communities but also offering an authentic and real insight into a country and its people..

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