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01 Oct 2021
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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Though there is a minimal focus on nature during this trip, we work hard to ensure it is as environmentally-friendly as possible. As many of the villages visited on this itinerary are set within rural locations, we ensure our guides are mindful about protecting the environment and varied ecosystems we visit, and they do a fantastic job of promoting having a minimum impact to the environment whilst travelling.

Another area where we are able to be environmentally responsible is travel. This itinerary has been arranged so that much of the travel between locations is done on foot, in shared cars and boats, and even by bike. Though this trip does include two internal flights, we have deemed them strictly necessary in reaching distant locations, and we firmly believe the positives of our responsible in these locations outweigh the negative environmental impact of the flights.

Similarly, this tour features two homestays and a number of small hotels, all of which are less environmentally impactful than larger hotels, primarily due to lower energy consumption and fewer emissions.

Finally, we ask you to be vigilant about disposing of your waste and recycle where possible. During your trip you will be asked if you have any waste to dispose of when it is a suitable time in the itinerary. This ensures we make it as easy as possible for our travellers to be eco-friendly whilst travelling. We strongly advise all travellers to bring a reusable water bottle - this is an easy way to save plastic waste and is detailed in our ‘What to bring’ trip notes for all trips to all destinations. Your guide will remind you where and when you can fill up your re-usable water bottle. Similarly, we ask that you are environmentally conscious in other areas when possible, e.g. using air-conditioning sparingly.

The Impacts of this Trip

As regular travellers, one thing that never ceases to amaze and inspire us is the kindness and generosity of local people, and we firmly believe that it is them that make these places special should and that they should benefit from our visit. For that reason, we use local guides who are offered fair working conditions and pay, and as a priority, stay in local accommodation and visit local shops, bars and eateries in order to have the maximum possible economic benefit on the local communities our travellers visit.

This itinerary includes a number of stops in rural towns and villages. We believe that in rural areas such as these, responsible tourism can have a great impact through means of economic growth. Throughout the trip, our travellers have many excellent opportunities to support the communities they visit, for example visiting local families for meals, music workshops and experiencing farm life, when visiting rural markets with local goods for sale, and when spending free time within remote communities such as these. Even in larger communities such as that of Ho Chi Minh city, this itinerary avoids popular tourist areas and takes our travellers into unfrequented areas where they may engage with locals and support real local businesses.

Through the use of knowledgeable local guides, we ensure that the rural communities met on this itinerary – many of which are isolated ethnic minority cultures – are not exploited in any way. These stops provide an opportunity for our travellers to take in rich cultures, and importantly, learn about unique beliefs, traditions and lifestyles. We work hard to ensure our travellers have only a positive effect on the people they come into contact with, and local guides prevent the risk of any negative impact that may occur as a result of a lack of understanding about these unique cultures.


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