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2547 excluding flights
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2023: 15 Nov, 29 Nov, 13 Dec, 27 Dec
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Finnish Lapland
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Lapland is characterized by its unspoiled nature, forests, vast swamps, and many lakes. It is in our interest and in the interest of the whole humankind that Lapland's nature is protected and preserved for future generations. Join us in our goal to take care of nature and wildlife. We follow strict leave no trace policy and we encourage you to do the same. Let's leave nothing that doesn't belong in nature behind us. Our guides will collect any trash from you and feel free to give them anything you need to throw away. They will make sure it is disposed of or recycled properly.

In order to limit waste production, we use recyclable or reusable dishware during our tours. Thankfully, tap water in Finland is of very good quality, therefore we use tap water. Our guides bring this water in reusable thermal bottles for our customers. This tour is operated in winter and the temperature is usually below zero. The guides will bring enough water for everybody. If you prefer your own bottle, we recommend you to bring a reusable thermal bottle which you can fill in our office.

During the tour, you will taste local food such as grilled salmon or reindeer sausage. We usually shop in a market across the street, so we do not produce any food shopping-related emissions.

Husky and reindeer rides produce only limited emissions, these activities wouldn’t produce as many airborne emissions of carbon dioxide, noise and pollutants result in incomplete combustion as the traffic does. During our snowshoeing tour and tour to Korouma waterfalls, we will use only our own power, of course with the exception of transportation to/from the location. Besides reindeer, which are semi-domesticated, we can see other Arctic animals such as foxes, bunnies or owls. Our guides will instruct you on how to behave in nature. The general rules are that we do not damage fauna nor flora. It is forbidden to pluck or tear plants. It is also forbidden to disturb the animals, for example by making noise or leaving the official paths. Photographs of animals can be taken, but only without flash.

We cooperate with 3 different husky farms, so we ensure that the dogs have their rest breaks during the working days as well a longer break during the season. It is common that a farm does not operate 2-3 weeks even during the season. In our husky farms, the dogs have appropriate accommodation in kennels. In any case, the capacity is limited and we do not run the husky tours in unsuitable weather conditions nor add another starting time.

In our souvenir shop, our merchandise is mostly made in Lapland without any unbiodegradable packaging, and we only provide paper bags instead of plastic bags when our customers ask for that.

During the tours, we use birch and spruce logs instead of charcoal for the campfire BBQ as well as to stay warm on a sustainable basis.

The burning of the wood cannot be more than 1 hour, we use wood because it remains the largest biomass energy source to date, and such biomass energy is much higher and reach to the maximum in shorter time when compared to charcoal, so it reduces poisonous carbon emission in some degree, more importantly, this biomass fuel is harvested as part of a constantly replenished trees in forests of Finland.

Last not but not least, for the transport between Helsinki and Rovaniemi, we are preferably using trains.


We are a family-owned tour operator, specializing in Lapland. Our permanent employees, contribute fully to the local economies.

We closely cooperate with local providers of activities (above all local reindeer and husky farms), accommodation, equipment, and souvenirs. In this tour, you will visit Arktikum. It is a local museum dedicated to the preservation of culture, history, fauna, and flora of Finnish Lapland. You can learn a lot about the local style of living and about Sami people, the only indigenous people in Europe. By visiting the museum, you already support the conservation of history of Lapland, but you can do more. You can buy products of local artisans at the Arktikum museum and support thus support the traditional Lappish handicrafts.

We cooperate with locally owned husky and reindeer farms, where mushers and herders take care of the well-being of animals daily. You will visit local farms owned by locals.

In our small souvenir store, we sell souvenirs made in Finland and Lapland. All our postcards are made by a local company in Rovaniemi.

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