Uzbekistan history and culture holiday

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

This trip takes you to the places where sometimes you will need to be cautious about the environment. Sometime you will need to walk, hike, and travel using donkeys. Some areas not reachable with means of transportation, so we will need to walk for some kilometers. You will visit sentob village which is very beautiful. You will be asked to minimize your influence on the region`s flora and fauna

At guesthouses, you will not be provided regular bathtubs to avoid waste of water and energy for heating. Also, you may be asked to reduce the usage of water resources by using towels and bath towels more than once, to keep out of laundry. Water is heated using solar battery energy or/and some places use natural day-long sun-rays.

At Yurts, you may not have air-conditioning or only common premises such as the dining room only can have a cooling system.

Our local suppliers are chosen carefully, after plenty of research, meetings and discussions to ensure that we are aligned in our thinking and have mutual trust in our approach and standards. When we say 'our thinking', we mean that they must share our desire to protect the environment that we are passing through. In Uzbekistan this means not only avoiding plastic waste being thrown into the local environment, but actually taking bin bags and ensuring that on trip our guests are encouraged to pick litter and remove it from the wild environment. Sadly recycling is not available in Uzbekistan, so it is far better to reduce waste in the first instance. The suppliers we choose must either share our approach to protecting and enhancing the quality of the natural environment, or be willing to work with us to develop better practices.

All of our suppliers work with us to ensure that groups avoid negatively affecting the local environments through which they pass. Waste is removed and wildlife is respected. Water courses are not polluted by human waste.

The Impacts of this Trip

During this journey you will have a chance to be very close to people who live and work at rural areas. Also witness their thrive making their effort on changing their lives influencing the change of the lives of others. It is great to feel the mood and the atmosphere of people, who have not been yet spoiled or got used to tourists. Enjoy untouched, unreached by tourists destinations, helping them to make their lives economically developed. We visit some places which were founded and funded by international Non-profit organizations in the beginning and see how they are getting on nowadays. Observe their past and present. Transformation of the villages, rural districts into something bigger community, how they live and try their contribution to culture, tradition and mentality. They preserve primal crafts and customs, handling their knowledge on lifestyle from generation to generation. Meet local people exchange glances and attitudes, learn and teach. Become a part of a community; take a look at the circumstance and condition from their angle.

All of our trips and tours are immersive they are designed to be of net benefit to each community that we visit. In this way, we not only always employ local guides, drivers and suppliers but often work with local providers to ensure that services provided are utilizing local resources as far as is possible. The craftsmen , masters produce their product and sell in the souvenir shops and get profit from this. Women do emboridery at home and get profit selling it not only to foreigners but also to locals. We hire locals guides so that they know every single place related to the region, only they know better where to go, what to get and what must see in each region.


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