Uzbekistan cultural holiday, the Great Silk Road

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Not included in standard price: International Flights Photo/video fees Tips for travel guides and drivers Visa fees Additional services: Single Supplement 280$
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Description of Uzbekistan cultural holiday, the Great Silk Road

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US $1200ToUS $2000 excluding flights
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Not included in standard price: International Flights Photo/video fees Tips for travel guides and drivers Visa fees Additional services: Single Supplement 280$
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Traversed by traders selling silks and spices for centuries, the Silk Road, and the historical cities along its spidering tributaries, shared the pric...
Asia is massive: a whopping great sprawl of a continent with some 4.4 billion people living across it – that’s more than the population of every other...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


This trip takes you to the places where sometimes you will need to be cautious about the environment. Sometime you will need to walk, hike, and travel using donkeys. Some areas not reachable with means of transportation, so we will need to walk for some kilometers. . At guesthouses, you will not provide regular bathtubs to avoid waste of water and energy for heating. Also, you may be asked to reduce the usage of water resources by using towels and bath towels more than once, to keep out of laundry.

When staying with local people, we try to ensure that local foods are cooked using local produce that is in season. In villages people grow vegetables and fruits in their houses. They treat guests with tasty Uzbek tomatoes grown in their land as well as give fresh fruits for desert like cherry, apricot,strawberry and peach in spring and fantastic watermelons and melons in autumn. Whilst this may be difficult in some places we visit due to geographical location and resource scarcity, it is the way our immersive travel methodology is defined – stay local, eat local, experience local.

We have chosen local people in several destinations on this trip - including at Ayaz Kala, Fergana valley and Bukhara - with whom to eat. Not only does this ensure that the income derived from your visit goes directly to the local population, but it also helps foster connections and ensures that local food traditions are cherished and valued in order to help preserve them.

We encourage frugal use of fresh water and discourage the spoiling of water sources by any means. We provide water filtration bottles to all customers as part of their package and encourage them to be used as alternatives to bottled water. Our use of filtration water bottles permits the reduction of our single-use plastic footprint. Where filtered water is necessary, we will purchase only in bulk containers and request that wherever it is available, our local partners supply filtered water in the same way. We do not accept the cliche that freshwater can only be supplied in tightly-sealed personal 1-liter bottles and loathe how wasteful this practice is.


During this journey you will have a chance to be very close to people who live and work at rural areas. Also witness their thrive making their effort on changing their lives influencing the change of the lives of others. It is great to feel the mood and the atmosphere of people, who have not been yet spoiled or got used to tourists. Enjoy untouched, unreached by tourists destinations, helping them to make their lives economically developed. We visit some places which were founded and funded by international Non-profit organizations in the beginning and see how they are getting on nowadays. For example, paper factory in Samarkand is located in rural area far from city center where the group of locals demonstrate to visitors the proces of making paper from mulberry using the technology of 8th century. Transformation of the villages, rural districts into something bigger community, how they live and try their contribution to culture, tradition and mentality. They preserve primal crafts and customs, handling their knowledge on lifestyle from generation to generation. Meet local people exchange glances and attitudes, learn and teach. Become a part of a community; take a look at the circumstance and condition from their angle.

We always employ local guides to accompany groups visiting local communities. Because a local guide knows his region better the others. He knows each place, where to go, what to suggest and what special thing to get from this place. Wherever possible, we will work with people from a local community to ensure that maximum economic benefit is retained in that community and that our guests derive the maximum understanding of each community visited. In this case, our local escort guides are supplemented in each of the main cities by a local guide with specialist knowledge.

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