Sweden rewilding and yoga holiday

€1350 excluding flights
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6 Days
Small group
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Shared twin room 1125 EUR.
Single room 1250 EUR.
Camp in your own tent 925 EUR.
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Description of Sweden rewilding and yoga holiday


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€1350 excluding flights
Convert currency:
Shared twin room 1125 EUR.
Single room 1250 EUR.
Camp in your own tent 925 EUR.
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Holiday information

We cater for both vegetarians and vegans.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


One of the main problems in the world today is that humans are not treating the planet in a sustainable way. In order to solve this problem we must first understand and feel that we are part of nature and that nature is our home. As soon as people feel that they are part of nature, then they will begin to treat the planet with respect and live in a more sustainable way. This is what we aim to achieve with this retreat.

We have now worked for more than 15 years to take people from all over the world to create awesome experiences in nature. Our retreats support wildlife conservation and creates economic opportunities for the local society. We are proud to say that our tours are often used as a good example by others to prove that nature and wild animals can be a substantial income for rural areas, and that these animals are worth more alive than dead.

We are an awarded ecotourism company, we won the Grand Travel Award for best ecotourism in Sweden 2009, and we are approved with the Swedish quality label for ecotourism, Natures Best since 2004.

We have applied a strict policy to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible.

The return of the wolves is a big issue in Sweden. Our guides work actively to track and monitor several wolf packs in the area and constantly report observations and collect droppings as an important contribution to the monitoring of the population and to the Scandinavian Wolf Project.

Have you considered taking a train or bus to Sweden? Most Swedish trains run on electricity from hydropower so that will lower your carbon emissions considerably. It will take longer time but it will be more of an adventure as you relax and enjoy the view before you reach our retreat.

Even if you arrive to Sweden by plane you should consider trains and buses over rental cars and taxis to reach the meeting point. The retreat center is located at walking distance from the nearest bus stop in Skinnskatteberg. You can easily reach us from Stockholm in less than 3 hours.

Other ways we work to lower our carbon emissions...
• We serve vegan meals to all participants throughout the retreat.
• Our boats are run on electric engines and the batteries are recharged with hydro-power produced in the same waters where we do the tours.
• We buy used and recycled equipment whenever we can.
• We recycle nearly all of our waste and donate anything that can be of use for others.
• We never buy bottled water.


It is our mission to support the local community in Skinnskatteberg in any way we can. We have a close collaboration with landowners, small businesses and other locals, and use a wide range of local services and products, both for our own operation and through recommendations to our guests.

We work with local guides only. That is why we can take you to the very best places to see wildlife up close in areas of Sweden where most other visitors never go. Local guides also become the best ambassadors for saving nature and wildlife. During this retreat we stay at a yoga center in a small village on the countryside. This creates local job opportunities in rural areas and also provides you with a much more authentic experience.

Our guides are very interested in the interaction between humans and nature. There are many conflicts that needs to be solved, and it is important to understand the details to get a bigger picture. We hope that each one of our guests returns home with more knowledge and greater respect for wild nature and for wild animals.

We buy local food whenever possible.

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