Kyrgyzstan Photography Tour, Eagle hunters

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Small group sizes

Our standard group size is a maximum of 6 people. This ensures that we keep our footprint as light as possible and community and nature disturbance is minimised. Whether we are visiting communities or natural wonders, we will be very careful not to negatively impact the places we visit. Our aim is to both observe the local communities & natural wonders, but also to keep the disturbance to a minimum.

Local Suppliers

Each of our suppliers are chosen due to their local connections with the area. As we will spend most of our time in the mountains, our food will come directly from our hosts in yurt camps. When we are in the cities, our food will come from the local guesthouses we are staying in.

Eco-friendly accommodation & transport

Most of our nights we will spend in yurt camps that are eco-friendly and traditional to the Kyrgyz people. Our transport will be sourced from local companies and we aim to source economy vehicles were practical to keep carbon emissions as low as possible. We will also do a lot of hiking and horseback riding to keep the carbon emissions at a minimum. The days when we are not hiking or horseback riding, we will use a private mini-bus as opposed to several private cars. This way we can move around the country while keeping the carbon emissions to a minimum.

Reusable bottles & local environmental guidance

Each participant will be provided with a traveller guide outlining ways in which water, energy and waste usage can all be reduced such as through the reuse of water bottles, conservation of energy by switching off lights/plugs during the day and reduction of waste through plastic recycling.
The participants will also be provided with reusable water bottles as we strive to discourage single-use plastic throughput the trip.
When visiting national parks and wildlife zones, we will have local guides that will help us keep the disturbance to a minimum. Our participants will be encouraged to observe and photograph the surroundings without interfering with the natural course of things.

During our photo tour we aim to reduce transport emissions as we will be spending our time mostly in the mountains, horseback riding and hiking. On the few occasions when we will need a car, we have chosen to use a low-emissions mini-bus for all the participants as opposed to several private cars.

Animal rights awareness

As we will do a lot of horseback riding, we are have committed to ensuring our tours do not exploit people or animals in any way. We have an excellent relationship with our guides who ensure that this is prevented. All of our local staff are extremely knowledgeable and as a result, we ensure that they are paid above and beyond the average salary for their equivalent role. We have also chosen to work with people who respect the horses and take really good care of them.

The Impacts of this Trip

Cultural Sensitivity

The basis of this tour is to explore the heartlands of Kyrgyzstan. Our experience of these regions is built over many years, with relationships fostered over this time period too. Our local guides and lead photographer will provide you with basic phrases, tips on etiquette and customs and also introduce you to local people to foster a deeper building of relationships. Our trips are designed to ensure each participant leaves the tour with a better understanding of the various cultures we will encounter.

Helping the local economy

As the Eagle Hunters of Salburun Federation are one of the few communities in Central Asia keeping this tradition alive, we will support them by learning about their craft and stay in their yurt camps so that the money for our accommodation helps them maintain their lifestyle.
Even when we are not camping in the mountains with the nomadic Kyrgyz people, we will be staying in locally run guesthouses as opposed to chain hotels. Thus, we support the local economy by purchasing food and accommodation from local businesses.


We have a zero tolerance for any form of racism or discrimination and participants will be asked to leave the tour if found to be abusive or discriminatory towards other participants, guides, staff or locals.
To better understand the local culture, we will hire local guides and get to see local folk performances. We strive to explore the local communities in a non-intrusive way that promotes understanding, equality and cultural sensitivity.


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