Montenegro activity holiday, tailor made

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7 Days
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Price per person Extra for single supplement 250 Euro Family pack 2 Adults + 2 Children 10% discount. Age limit for children 12 years.
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1279 excluding flights
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Price per person Extra for single supplement 250 Euro Family pack 2 Adults + 2 Children 10% discount. Age limit for children 12 years.
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


1. Montenegrin wildlife is diverse thanks to having major geographical differences, because of this the protection of wildlife is of the utmost importance. We take our guests to most of Montenegro’s national parks and in this way help to raise the awareness of guest to the protection of authentic lifeforms. Most important project that we take part in is mapping the population of brown bears in Montenegro and their protection. This we do with the rangers of Durmitor national park. When visiting the national park Biograd lake we inform our guests about the protection of the flora, this is the perfect place to have this because the Biograd lake is surrounded with one of the last virgin forests in Europe. While we explore the Skadar lake area we offer information about its meaning for the migrating birds and projects that have been made in the protection of some bird species.
2. We collect divide and recycle our waste. On the tours we inform our guests about the recycling done in Montenegro, during our hikes we collect waste if we come across it. And lower the usage of plastic by providing reusable water bottles.
3. Water is one of the most precious natural reserves that we have. So on our hikes when we come across a spring we tend to fill up our water bottles.
4. Energy saving is one of the goals of the Montenegrin government, during the tour we visit the wind farms of Montenegro and inform our guests about the steps that are made to increase the use of renewable sources.
5. On the tour we visit some of the most important cultural places where we can witness restauration of churches, museums or fortress, one of the points we visit is the fortress of Žabljak Crnojevica where we have conservation going on with the colaboration of the Turkish and Montenegrish goverment.
6. The transportation that we use are new cars or vans that uphold the new standards in lowering the carbon emission.
7. Our suppliers are local people and small business owners this way we boost the local economy and increase the awareness of locals how important their role in offering a unique and personal traveling experience is. But also we find this the best way to accustomed our travelers with the locals, but also the local gastronomical delight, as we see that the guests eat good homemade food.
We also employ only local guides and providers, this way we lower the unemployment rate and bust the local economy. But also the best traveling experience is made by having local people involved in the making of the tour.
8. Our tour is outdoor oriented so we do a lot of activities that don't involve transportation. Also our vehicles are new and have reduced fuel consumption.


1. The goal of our tours is to bring our guest closer to the locals and to firsthand experience what distinguishes the local culture from the rest of the world. Montenegro is fortunate to have a mixture of different cultures and people and our guests have the opportunity to learn them all. Also we take our guests to accommodation points that are locally owned and to restaurants that are family owned this way busting the local economy.
2. We campaign for the protection of the environment and preservation of the wildlife. We do this is by taking informative seminars that are organized by the national parks around Montenegro, and take part in cleaning movements that are organized not just by the national parks but also the NGO sector. On the tours we inform in depth the guests about the projects that are made in the preservation of the wildlife specially the number of brown bears in Montenegro, this is a Balkan project SUPORTED by the WWF and Parks Dinarides.
3. Our agency employs local people and experts. In our agency we have 10 people working and we also employ more than 20 local experts and suppliers who live and work in the country. We look to bust the economy of the north part of the country by going to local restaurants and family farms. Our guests can during the tour come in touch with our local providers and meet them. Our goal is to lower the unemployment rate of the north and make more people see the value of working in tourism.
4. We take great pride in our local craftsmen and food producers whom we encourage to enter the touristic industry.
5. Most important for us is to have a good relationship between our guests and the locals. Because of this we offer detailed information about the customs and traditions of the people. We want to bring cultures together and provide better understanding between them. In our eyes tourism offers the best possibility to do so. On the tour our guests come in contact with all major religion that are present in Montenegro and our guide team offers detailed information on how they coexist and mix together.

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