Dracula tour in Romania

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Our guests are encouraged to do a little reading before coming to find out more about their host communities and environment. We provide suggestion on how best to support the local economies and communities, as well as the surrounding environment. Guests can expect a pre-trip information pack via e-mail, to minimize the use of paper, which will inform them about issues relating to the place they intend to travel, some language tips and general advice. Furthermore our tour guides are well-educated multilingual people who can offer guests their skills as an interpreter and offer up-to-date details on current national and regional issues.

Romania waste management systems still leave much to be desired. Try to minimize the amount of rubbish you produce by using your own bag at the market or in the shops.

Refill you water bottles. The tap water is fine to drink and Romania is covered with fresh water springs and wells –the water is rich in minerals- but first ensure that it is safe to drink (ask a local or bring some water purification tablets).

Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

Using local produce will also go a long way in reducing both packaging and the amount of fuel used to transport the produce.

Bring your own bio-degradable soap.

Burn or bury your toilet paper when you’re in the mountains or forest. Simply, use your common sense and take your rubbish with you.

The Impacts of this Trip

These tours offer you a well rounded Romanian experience, introducing you to Transylvania’s finest scenery and folklore and providing you with the possibility of getting in contact with the genuine peasant culture by exploring rural areas, the work shops of famous artists and craftsmen, visiting museums or landscapes made famous in the Romanian literature. Besides the economic aspect – we use only local suppliers - your visit is of great importance for the artist, craftsmen, museums, castles or the small rural communities you’ll visit as it provides them with the a motivation, a reason to carry on the traditions. You’ll be able to purchase locally goods starting with food and ending with souvenirs, handicrafts.

To give you a full taste of the local culture you’ll delight yourself with home cooked traditional meals, like in Ieud, in the Maramures region or shop for souvenirs in Madam Monica Cosma’s small but very interesting shop offering one of the finest selection of handicrafts in Romania.

To make sure the money stays where needed we only use local suppliers and where the itinerary allows us we also use small family run businesses, like in Ieud, a beautiful traditional village located in the magical Maramures, where you’ll accommodate in guest houses. This is actually an ideal opportunity to spend more time with the locals but also ensure that the financial benefits of your visit reach the people of the area and not some large companies based outside the region.

The entry fees will help maintain and even restore the precious tourist attractions visited throughout the tour. We’re also making financial contributions for every persons who books one of our tours, in the amount of £1 per person to support Saint Daniel’s Foundation programme entitled 'A grand father for a nephew – A nephew for a grandfather', helping elderly and orphans, people most in need.

Before you travel, find out a bit more about Romania’s cultures, religion, history, politics, geography and customs. Read our general information pack and detailed itinerary of your chosen tour destinations. Libraries are also great places to find more information and find travel books for Romania.

Learn a few Romanian words and phrases - included in our pre-trip information pack. For those of you who want to take it a step further, language courses can be ordered from most libraries.

Support the local economies so that the money generated stays in the communities you are visiting: Buy locally made handicrafts and locally produced foods (mostly organic). Where possible (and mostly it is) we advise and arrange for our guests to stay in locally run country-inns or hotels.
Transylvania Live works with family run hotels and restaurants most of them located in rural areas, as all these places have a great respect for the environment: the food is mostly organic, they try to minimise as much as possible the amount of electricity used, most of these places do not have central heating and for domestic works use water from wells.

Pay a fair price for goods and services. Bear in mind that most of the crafts, clothing and carpets on a sale are hand made using lengthy traditional processes. Expect to pay a high price, they are superb in quality and help to preserve local traditions and economies supporting are long list of people in their community.

Ask for permission before you take photographs of people.

Always keep an open mind and try to reserve making any hasty judgements.

Don’t make promises you can’t or are not likely to keep, like sending photographs or letters.

As hard as it is, we advise you not to give money to beggars. In many cases, young children are often sent to beg on behalf of extensive and organised criminal networks, also preventing them from attending school which is provided for by the state. If you want to give something make it something practical like food or stationary or donate to our charity which supports children and elderly people who are in dire need. Alternatively, you can make donations to community elders or to person in charge of the project you would like to donate to. If you want to support a local community or environmental project we are always happy to provide you with suggestions.

When in a museum first ask if it is permitted to take photographs. Many museums or heritage sites also ask for a small fee if you use your camera or video-recorder. Be honest – remember the money is put towards restoration and preservation projects. Even though many of the artefacts are openly displayed, please do not touch them to help ensure their longevity.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask question and enjoy yourself!


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