Swim with Blue Whale and safari in Sri Lanka

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Description of Swim with Blue Whale and safari in Sri Lanka


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US $7875 excluding flights
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Price is based on per person twin/double share.
Exact pricing confirmed at time of booking
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Sri Lanka wildlife
Swimming with whales & wild dolphins
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Sri Lanka has an abundance of wildlife, both on land and in the ocean including pygmy blue whales, pilot whales, false killer whales, turtles, spinner dolphins, sperm whales, elephants, leopards, antelopes, crocodiles and loris just to name a few.

We encourage our guests to respect the wildlife and we like to also lead by example. Some of these examples include..
-We follow responsible guidelines for whale watching that have been developed with the encouragement of local communities and local commercial operators
-We not do chase or harass the whales and we minimize disturbance
-Maximum experience with minimum impact
-Encourage guests to use established paths and respect all wildlife
-Ensure we don't disturb the balance of marine environment by disposing of rubbish correctly
-We donate a portion of each tour to a non for profit research organisation Foundation of Goodness. Established in 1999, the Foundation of Goodness has been helping rural communities of Sri Lanka in various ways. Following their extensive work after the 2004 tsunami, FOG now has 28,000 beneficiaries annually in 400+ villages across the island. FOG has a variety of projects which include rural development, enterprise and women’s empowerment, North development and reconciliation, Language and Arts, sustainable income generation and sports development & medical support.In March 2020, We teamed up with the Foundation of Goodness to sponsor a clean up dive.

We like to reduce waste to keep the beautiful environment of Sri Lanka free of pollution in the ocean and on land. Here are some examples...
-Minimize pollution by keeping the smallest footprint possible
-Take all rubbish and use existing toilets
-We urge our guests to keep the ocean free of plastic and waste
-Avoid using plastic bottles and we provide every guests with a water flask
-We don't use plastic straws or cutlery and supply each guest with a travel sustainable cutlery pack
-Throughout the tour, guests will learn and be educated on respect and conservation of both the marine life and wildlife and environment in Sri Lanka
-We work electronically and encourage the guests not to print . Instead we ask them to download itineraries and trip bulletins to their devices.

We debrief our guests on the importance of water saving while on tour. When in hotels we encourage guests to reuse towels where possible and only do clothes washing whenever you really need to. Guests are also encouraged to conserve energy by turning off lights when not in the rooms. We always recommend that our guests fly carbon neutral and are aware of trying to keep transport to a minimum when designing our tours. We do this by doing all our activities in Sri Lanka and also transferring people in one whole group wherever possible. We like to ensure that suppliers we use are environmentally aware and do their part to protect the environment. We send them our mission statement to show them our values and encourage them to make a positive difference.


We have done a lot of research on beautiful Sri Lanka and have visited many local places, so we like to make sure our guests really get to know the place and support local as much as they can and spread tourism to those in need. Some examples of how we do this are…
-All Meals while on tour with us in Sri Lanka are sourced organically and locally and all food is fresh and grown or caught on the island whenever possible.
-Our trip bulletin includes examples of places guests can visit pre and post tour to support local

Local environmental issues in Sri Lanka include deforestation, mangrove degradation, Coral reef destruction, soil degradation, air pollution, water pollution waste management, climate change vulnerability.

Social Issues include:
Crime, sexual abuse, corruption, breakup of family, domestic violence, suicide, mental illness, conflict, violence, poverty, unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse. We work with Fountain Of Goodness and Donate a portion of every tour to the organisation who support the community and the many issues and do their best to help improve these situations.
As we contract other businesses for each portion of our tour, we do not personally hire staff except for our own guides and admin. We do however use companies that treat their staff very fairly and employ local staff. We voice our opinion if we feel that anyone has been treated unfairly.

We absolutely support the local arts and culture by….
-We encourage guests to visit local museums
-We encourage guests to buy local produce and locally handmade souvenirs such as the local arts and crafts
-To lead by example, we ourselves also purchase local arts and crafts

It is so important for us to respect all locals and all cultures whilst travelling. We also encourage our guests to do the same. It’s only polite to respect the people and countries you visit.

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